Platform Governance

Take your organization to the next level by moving away from an application-centric approach to an enterprise-platform model. The Cask enterprise framework incorporates platform governance practices to support your business processes, services, and technology capabilities across a diverse set of business stakeholders and end-users.

Platform Governance and Operating Model

Our artisan engineers incorporate enterprise prioritization with a streamlined demand-to-delivery process that delivers significant benefits for your organization:

• Align business strategies with priorities
• Ensure the appropriate level of information is available to decision-makers
• Improve perceptions of customers and end-users
• Provide consistent delivery and support of ServiceNow-enabled capabilities

To get better clarity on your Platform Governance capabilities, Cask uses a Maturity Model that assesses organizations on a scale from “initial” to “managed.” Curious to see where your organization stands?

Enterprise prioritization with a streamlined demand-to-delivery process

Benefits of Good Governance

Cask provides a strong platform governance framework to ensure:

  • The right decision-makers can access the right information at the right time.
  • Visibility across the demand-to-delivery lifecycle.
  • Seamless management of interdependent process, service & technology capabilities.

Good platform governance helps you align business strategies and priorities so you can:

  • Identify improvement areas to deliver more impactful and useful capabilities and services.
  • Prioritize business needs in the context of sound platform management practices.
  • Improve the experience and perceptions of customers and end-users

Cask platform governance ensures consistent delivery of ServiceNow-enabled capabilities to help you:

  • Measure the impact and effectiveness of Now-enabled services, processes and capabilities.
  • Provide service levels sufficient to manage cost and quality of delivery.
  • Easily upgrade to current ServiceNow versions.

Access the right information at the right time

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7 Stages of Platform Governance

  • Business Alignment: Grain visibility of platform capabilities and value at the enterprise level, plus the extent of integration with enterprise strategies and governance.
  • Platform Management Process: Is your demand-to-delivery platform work managed in a cohesive (end-to-end) manner? Alignment to business priorities is necessary to mature beyond this stage.
  • Vision & Strategy: This includes the platform vision and strategy to support business needs and a capability roadmap to plan and drive outcomes. Alignment to business needs and priorities is necessary to mature further.
  • Organization: To manage and govern your ServiceNow platform, roles and responsibilities need to be specified. This includes organizational accountability and responsibilities outside the core platform-management organization. Your organization needs to fully align with the process and governance. Is everyone onboard?
  • Business Value: Communication is vital to demonstrate the value of the platform. High-performing enterprises regularly promote their platform value with defined cost models and ROI. Communicate with your customers and end-users as well, because user experience and customer perceptions also demonstrate value.
  • Data Governance: The ServiceNow platform runs on data housed in the configuration management database (CMDB), which serves as the information engine that powers automation and supports digital strategies. Formal data governance is the step that ensures you get the data-driven capabilities and value that everyone expects. There are no shortcuts.
  • Platform Architecture & Standards: Don’t stop now. You’ll also need architectural oversight and platform standards to maintain integrity of the underlying ServiceNow platform technology.

Data-driven capabilities and value

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