Maximize ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management

Elevate customer service and drive growth while supporting the expectations of our customers.

At Cask, we guide clients towards a case management platform that is robust, comprehensive, and most importantly can remove the need to “swivel chair” across different applications to get the job done for your customers. Our complete approach to customer service management includes case management, call center and help desk optimization, management of external and internal knowledge articles, allocation and management of products and assets, portfolio and catalog of services, and knowledge management.

Your Guide to CSM’s Digital Transformation

Lead people with processes and discern the layers of digital transformation

Exceptional customer experience is key to success in today’s market–and most companies are banking on digital transformation to get them there. But how do we take the first tangible steps toward CX transformation?

Gain and Retain Customers With Our Implementation Process

Our Advisors work with you at each step of your
ServiceNow CSM implementation

Customer Success: Ginnie Mae

Learn How Ginnie Mae Obtained Clearer Insight into Customer Journeys While Streamlining Processes

Exceptional customer experiences are the key differentiator when standing out from your competition; and digital transformation can get you there.

Hear Brad Dunn, Business Analyst from Ginnie Mae, detail their Customer Service transformation journey to:

  • Leverage ServiceNow
  • Centralize their Customer Support Center
  • Drive greater visibility and consistency of their customer experience

The 4 Layers of Digital Transformation

A Digital Layer Cake

The Digital Transformation journey with Cask is a logical, stepwise path that moves at the pace best matched to your specific company. We build layers of functionality based on what will add the most value back into your business quickly.

Customer Service Center Optimization

Create consumer-grade experiences that connect your customers with your brand

Customer Service Portal

As your customer base grows, the more questions, requests, and complaints roll in and the more time your agents spend responding to repetitive requests

Customer Service Knowledge

Maintaining basic customer service knowledge and functionality in the age of around-the-clock consumerism is a full-time job in itself

Customer Service Case Management

Cask’s team goes beyond implementation specialists to include consultants and designers whose sole focus is creating and supporting your solutions

Customer Service End-to-End Experience

The best brands on the planet know that customer service sells

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