Schedule Appointments Faster With HealthBook

Enabling Government and Health Care Organizations to rapidly book and manage appointments on the NOW Platform. Available in the ServiceNow App Store.

About HealthBook

Helps municipality citizens and patients digitally use the web to register for appointments.

HealthBook can be used in many different scenarios, but is ideal in times of emergency response and crisis:

  • Enables an organization to quickly enable nurses to triage patients or for the public to self assess prior to scheduling appointments for testing or related care.
  • Provides a robust way to manage and report on the appointments booked.

HealthBook Key Features

Allows users to answer questions, register, search for appointments by location and time, and schedule their appointments. 

  • Enables private (i.e with Nurses or 211) or public triaging of patients based on configurable questions and decision trees
  • Configurable alerts can be presented on the portal to highlight any important information for triage or public purposes
  • Collect information about the employee, patient or citizens quickly, which can be configured based on requirements and any associated privacy restrictions
  • Set multiple locations and different time windows to book appointments
  • Add new appointments on the fly to support demand
  • Quickly remove any PII or PHI information that is required to support medical issues (i.e. testing)
  • No-show and other appointment related reporting

HealthBook Deployment Kit

Deploy the Cask HealthBook Application yourself and start rapidly booking and managing appointments.

Our DIY Kit includes:

  • Configuration Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • Demos
  • Videos

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HealthBook Success Story: City of Los Angeles

Helping Los Angeles’ Most Vulnerable Citizens

We developed, tested, and launched a rapid scheduling application to support drive-thru testing for COVID-19 in four locations across Los Angeles, which will be expanded over time as more testing kits become available.

*Cask is providing the application free to customers for a limited time to support the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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