CISO Dashboard Overview With ServiceNow

Everything you need to get real-time insight into your security processes is the ServiceNow CISO Dashboard.

Four different views show the latest activity around new security incidents, your security profiles, recent vulnerability trends, and business risk profiles. Cask artisan engineers help turn the ServiceNow CISO Dashboard into a custom solution for your company, and a formidable defense against security threats.

Visibility on All Security Operations

Let’s face it: trying to pull information from different security tools into one central interface is frustrating.

The effect is like a black hole of endless spreadsheets, with data getting sucked from one application to another.

Cask helps you bring order and sense to it all by using ServiceNow CISO Dashboard, removing the need to manage multiple dashboards. Our artisan engineers show you how to pull information from other ServiceNow tools like Vulnerability Response and Threat Intelligence into one location.

ServiceNow tabs you can use to gather important information:

  • Security Operations Center Tab – Displays a graphic view of all security incident information
  • Vulnerability Profile Tab – Displays all vulnerability models, trends, and items
  • Security Controls Profile Tab – Delivers insight into all security profile information
  • Business Risk Profile Tab – Displays all business profiles associated with potential risk

Pull info from security tools into one interface

Automated Reporting

Manual reports take a long time to create, even without the human error part. Murphy’s Law looms even larger when analysts have to manually consolidate information from different sources.

Now there’s no need for manual research because the CISO Dashboard can automatically access information from your ServiceNow applications and display it for viewing.

Cask helps you set up your ServiceNow CISO Dashboard to automate your security information displays, including:

  • Aged Security Incidents – Review incidents open after 30 days
  • Risks Arranged by Category – List the age of vulnerable items in a reopened state
  • Active Vulnerabilities – See the total of existing vulnerabilities
    Security Incidents Without an Active Assignee – Locate open vulnerabilities not being worked
  • Vulnerability Map – View all vulnerabilities by location
  • High-Level Vulnerable Applications – See your most at-risk applications
  • Numbers on Biggest Risks – Hard data on moderate, high, and very high-risk items
  • Risks Arranged by Profile – Count risks into groups, stacked in any order

Access & display all info automatically

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Eliminate Data Redundancy

When seeking clarity on your company’s current security posture, avoid muddying the waters with duplicate information.

Matching up information from multiple sources can cause duplicate information to appear. When there’s too much information in one place, you may be afraid of missing out on critical data.

Cask shows you how to eliminate data redundancy by assessing and prioritizing information pulled from your various security applications. We also help identify and categorize the data fed to your ServiceNow platform, then establish priority on what is essential to the security team.

Don’t miss out on critical data

Coordination Among Security Tools

It can be tough to get different security tools to share with each other.

Even when information is shared, items from one application may not appear significant until combined with data from another. It can take weeks or months to pull such information together manually to get the full picture of a specific incident.

Thankfully, all the data coordination your security managers and analysts need to stay ahead of threats can be found in the ServiceNow CISO Dashboard.

Cask artisan engineers understand each plug-in and will train you to optimize your Security Operations Center displays to avoid the confusion that results from a misaligned CISO Dashboard.

Systems pass info to each other

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