EST Employee Engagement Webinar with Dan Schawbel, NY Times Bestselling Author

Thursday, October 15
12:00pm EST

Join us for lunch while we discuss best practices, technologies and solutions that support new ways of working remotely.

Every company is facing a new reality and is trying to navigate how to provide distributed employees with an efficient way of working that keeps them engaged and productivity high.

With more employees working remotely, having access to information anywhere is crucial. Businesses are looking for ways to help their workforce be more productive and maintain business continuity.

Creating a digital workplace that enables your employees to work agilely, collaboratively, and securely gives them the confidence they need to do their job effectively regardless of their location – ensuring they stay engaged and productive. 

During this live session, we will discuss:

  • How you can minimize financial exposure with a remote and dispersed workforce
  • How you can optimize resources  for changing workplace requirements
  • How adopting AI can give your employees the right knowledge that is contextually-relevant
  • How can you help transform your employee workspace into a secure, highly collaborative and productive environment

We’d love for you to join the conversation with us via video!

About the Speaker
Dan Schawbel is a New York Times bestselling author and the Managing Partner of Workplace Intelligence, a research and advisory firm helping HR adapt to trends, drive performance and prepare for the future. He is the bestselling author of three career books: Back to HumanPromote Yourself and Me 2.0. Schawbel is also the host of the 5 Questions podcast, where he interviews world-class humans like Richard Branson, Condoleezza Rice, Rachael Ray, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jay Shetty.

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