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As the world shifts into lightspeed entering the digital realm, industries maximize the technologies available to keep up and stay ahead of the curve. In order to best oversee the administration of this dynamic environment, governments must also take a similar approach.

However, unlike other industries and big businesses, the public sector’s resources are often more bound by regulation and scrutiny. For this reason, governments have more impetus to maximize the utilization of their resources.

Fortunately, there are software suites like ServiceNow that can help the colossal task of governance capable of boosting efficiency and productivity while keeping costs down. When the public sector is fully maximized, everyone wins.

State & Local Government

Modernize legacy processes and systems for State & Local Governments to improve the quality of life for their citizens and their employees that increases engagement improves efficiencies and reduces costs.

It starts with the right technology professional partners. We at Cask will not only help you by managing your IT infrastructure for you. More importantly, we’ll provide support and education for ServiceNow implementation and management.

Support mission, modernization & automation

Secure, Modern & Experienced

Federal & Civilian

Enable Federal Civilian Government to innovate faster by modernizing legacy systems and creating unified experiences for customers and employees that increase engagement, efficiencies, and automate workflow.


Help warfighters keep America safe from foreign and domestic threats by modernizing legacy systems that enhance mission decision making, streamline processes, and enable faster response time to threats.

Thought Leadership on-demand

Maintain, Support & Implement

State of Texas DIR

Cask NX LLC (Cask) is proud to be working with Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) as a Vendor for the Software Solutions under contract number DIR-CPO-4706.

How ServiceNow Helps Government Agencies

ServiceNow helps government agencies’ IT departments and more to adopt more streamlined digital systems, with the goal of maximizing productivity. With the help of automation, integration, and data, ServiceNow is changing the way these agencies function.

Overcoming Prominent IT Challenges in Government Agencies

The IT challenges faced by government agencies generally fall into one of these four categories.

  • The complexities of business processes– the first and probably most prominent challenge many agencies face involves their existing processes. Agencies use outdated patterns of work that are inefficient and sometimes even inaccurate. There are also usually a lot of siloed systems that make it more complicated to automate and expedite. Some tasks and processes are also stuck in the manual domain, which significantly reduces the potential for enabling efficiency and productivity.
  • The lack of visibility – service outages happen, and when they do, many agencies find it difficult to identify the exact causes of the issue. This ultimately makes it difficult to address the outages, not to mention to prevent them in the future. The lack of visibility also keeps stakeholders from seeing the interdependencies that the outages affect.
  • The lapses in security– one result of inefficient business processes and a lack of visibility is vulnerabilities in security. Without a streamlined and integrated central database, for example, the system is vulnerable to inaccuracies and breaches. This also makes it difficult to prioritize which security issues to address first when they happen at the same time.
  • The costs – expenses always carry more weight when tax dollars are concerned. When government agencies are stuck in a state of struggling with the other three challenges, costs are also always bound to rise. The Cost-effectiveness of modern IT services depends on an organization’s ability to accurately identify problems and address them in a timely manner, remediate service outages promptly, provide efficient cloud services to users who need them, and quickly and reliably address security breaches and prevent them in the future.

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