Enabling Government Organizations to
Provide Financial Relief for Residents & Landlords

Digitize and automate the intake and processing of resident and landlord applications for financial relief

Ensure that you have a flexible & mature solution to allow multiple applications from both renter and tenants to be submitted, route to proper approval authorities, and hold applications until thresholds are hit.

Let Us Help You Help Your Citizens

Leverage the power of the NOW platform to support your people

• Submit intake forms with an easy to use interface to achieve quick outcomes

• Allow multiple applications to be submitted

• Schedule an appointment for citizens who are unable to complete the application online

• Route to proper approval authorities through workflows and hold applications in queue until thresholds are hit

• Review applications for consistency and completion to reward qualifying submissions

• Audit defense feature that provides the reporting capability to defend an audit

Helping Los Angeles Citizens in Times of Need

250k Applications Processed in 5 Days

An unforeseen pandemic created hardship for low-income renters and the City of Los Angeles needed a solution to intake apps from renters, track eligibility, and disperse funding.

Cask created a citizen-facing service delivery solution to digitize and automate the intake and processing of resident and landlord applications for financial relief. The solution processed over $203B in funding and 14k applications in a 5 month period.

Key Features



Application Processing


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