ServiceNow Security Incident Solutions

Get off your spreadsheets and onto the ServiceNow Platform — and be up and running in three weeks!

Respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities faster and reduce their potential impact on your business.

Known and unknown vulnerabilities can target your critical business services, users, and IT infrastructure. The ServiceNow security incident application helps you prevent security attacks and respond to them more quickly.

Take advantage of threat intelligence and quickly address security breaches with our enterprise-level solutions.

Comprehensive Security Incident Solutions

Cask customizes Security Incident Response (SIR) solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Our team, comprised of two field engineers, a senior advisor, and a technical architect, collaborates to get your project off the ground and into action. It all starts with a pre-engagement questionnaire and data analysis that set the stage for a rapid, successful implementation.

Security Incident Deliverables

  • NIST-based SIR in three weeks
  • Security Incident
  • Quick Start Documentation/Training
  • Roadmap for next steps (beyond spreadsheets)

Vulenerability Deliverables

  • NIST VM in three weeks
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Quick Start Documentation/Training
  • Roadmap for next steps (beyond spreadsheets)

For more complex needs, we offer individually developed, scope-tailored programs that are designed to be cost-effective as well as timely.

Let’s Innovate

Start your transformation today.

Expedite a Faster Security Response

Run your business more securely by incorporating Cask solutions into your ServiceNow platform.

Our artisan engineers will customize the capabilities of our ServiceNow Security Operations module to meet the needs of your organization, increasing security and extending the capabilities of your ServiceNow platform.

  • Incorporate threat intelligence to your security response plan and speed up remediation
  • Work from a single platform that connects security and IT in one place
  • Use workflows and automation to keep track of your overall IT security plan

As a Gold Services and Sales Partner with ServiceNow, our team knows how to increase user adoption and help you get back to business faster in the wake of a security breach.

Run your business more securely

Enhance Business Security with Risk Assessment Tools

Partner with Cask to map out security threats faster. Our Security incident application enhances ServiceNow platform capabilities across your organization.

We’ll show you how to leverage our Configuration Management Database to accurately monitor security incidents. The SecOps app prioritizes the impact of security incidents, depending on their potential effect on your organization and IT infrastructure.

Our feature-packed ServiceNow Security Operation module equips your Now platform with visual service maps and dashboard analytics so you can easily monitor data trends and measure security. Our risk assessment tools also allow you to track the security of your physical and virtual assets.

Talk to your Cask advisor to find out how ServiceNow Security Operations can address your specific security needs. 

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