Drive Growth, Combat Disruption and Create Great Customer Experiences

Cask is reigniting the future of Manufacturing by digitizing and connecting operations, increasing automation, and improving customer experiences to drive innovation and accelerate growth.

Operational Excellence

Digitize manufacturing operations with process automation, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things to reduce silos, empower Smart Operations and Remote Monitoring, which drives productivity up and costs down.

Automate your manufacturing processes

Modernize your customer experience

Customer Experience

Meet the demands of the experience economy with a modern and unified experience for your customers that enable self-services, automates case management and field service management, while proactively resolving issues before they arise.

Visibility and Action

Leverage data and predictive analytics to trigger a workflow that will transform your maintenance operations and drive decision-making with actionable data, which reduces risk and increases visibility across the organization.

Improve decision-making with actionable data

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