Tech Direct—Your ServiceNow Dream Team

For organizations looking to onboard the right ServiceNow talent, Tech Direct is a dedicated, expert team of engineers, developers, and consultants—all available to help you maximize ServiceNow value.

Are you struggling to keep up with ServiceNow platform needs and improvements?

Without the right ServiceNow talent, ServiceNow customers fail to optimize their platform usage and achieve their business goals.

Manual processes continue

Lack of automation in mundane work leads to a growing backlog of catalog items.

Lack of ServiceNow adoption

Platform adoption wanes while your ServiceNow team fails to deliver the enhancements or fixes the business needs.

Poor employee experience

Employees face slow turnaround time and poor service delivery.

Pressure to show value

Leadership expects the company’s ServiceNow platform owner to prove the value of ServiceNow.


Hi. We’re Cask.

Our highly trained and certified engineers, developers, and architects will work with you and your stakeholders to deliver exceptional value. A technical leader works with you and guides this team, sized to your specific platform plans.


Boost ServiceNow output

ServiceNow can do more than most organizations can imagine. With Tech Direct, you can offload your technical ServiceNow administration, configuration, and development to a professional team, freeing up your resources to do what they do best.

Can you see it now?

Accelerate service delivery

With a dedicated team of ServiceNow experts, you can expand and optimize the platform, providing faster and more efficient services to employees. Raise productivity at your organization by accelerating service delivery, giving employees more time to focus on strategic opportunities.


Put Tech Direct to work

Are you ready to increase platform value and adoption? Get started with Tech Direct and unlock the kind of ServiceNow value you’ve only dreamed about.

Connect with us today to learn more about putting Tech Direct to work for you.