Cask and Nuvolo Partnership

Many organizations still use paper spreadsheets and manual processes to manage facilities and assets. Yet surprisingly, these same organizations may have the ServiceNow platform already installed for IT services management, or perhaps another area, without knowing it or realizing its full capabilities across the enterprise.

If such a situation describes your workplace, life could soon get a lot easier.

Cask and Nuvolo have partnered to help ServiceNow customers make the transition from workplace management to facilities and asset management, all while improving efficiencies.

Cask and Nuvolo implement ServiceNow across five main areas:

  1. Assets & Maintenance Management
  2. Real Estate & Lease Management
  3. Space and Move (assign people and assets to a specific building or space)
  4. Capital Planning & Project Management
  5. Sustainability

We’re working together to leverage the ServiceNow asset you’ve already installed to make it better, smarter and faster. Nuvolo applications also integrate with the ServiceNow HR module.

Cask and Nuvolo collaborate to help you rationalize dozens of applications throughout your enterprise onto a unified, centralized platform. Our goal is to help you eliminate application sprawl, cut costs and end “swivel-chair” facilities management.

We can set up your ServiceNow platform as the single source for asset data and service requests, while providing real-time visibility. We also deliver advanced reporting and analytics capabilities for facilities and space management.

Eliminate application sprawl, cut costs

Data Integration for Better Business Decisions

Many companies with legacy systems have accumulated vast amounts of data, but find themselves unable to use it to inform business decisions.

Cask and Nuvolo use ServiceNow to help you integrate previously siloed departments, such as:

  • Finance — Track costs across the organization to aid capital planning.
  • Operations  — Automate processes to improve efficiency and track vendors’ work quality.
  • Compliance  — Standardize and automate processes to ensure compliance and improve response to audits.

Every organization needs to ensure a safe, functional, well-maintained workspace for its people. Cask and Nuvolo leverage ServiceNow to provide Facilities and Enterprise Asset Management that makes it all possible.

Automate processes to improve efficiency

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