Transform Your Procurement Process

Cask helps organizations streamline and automate procurement by providing greater visibility and understanding of the process, offering strategic recommendations, as well as a road map to achieve transformation.

Procure to Pay

Modernize the experience and streamline the process.

Streamline and manage your entire process, all the way from sourcing to payment, from managing multiple vendors and gathering quotes, to submitting purchase requests, assigning purchase orders, and collecting payments.

From source to pay, automate your process

Vendor Management

Reduce risk throughout the process.

Automate tasks and gain greater visibility and understanding of your risk exposure, where vendors are in the lifecycle, and maintaining a historical record, to ensure consistency and guard against the return of bad actors.

  • Manage Risk: third-party vendors are typically among the biggest security risks, Cask helps organizations create their own vendor risk management program with ServiceNow, which provides a way to visualize levels of risk.
  • Manage the Lifecycle: Understand the vendor process from end to end, from signing contracts to choosing and onboarding new vendors. Determine the pieces needed to onboard a vendor and as well as the process to offboard.

Gain insight and manage your risk exposure

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Category & Spend Management

Identify and manage opportunities to reduce cost.

Identify opportunities to reduce cost by having the data to answer questions about how and where spend is allocated. Cask helps organizations improve visibility to gain a greater understanding of how money is being spent and determine whether it’s going to the right business areas.

Easy data access to answer your finance questions

Finance Transformation

Get Finance up to speed with the State of Transformation.

Cask provides a consultative approach to offer an objective look at the way finance is handled in your organization today. We conduct a current analysis and offer an appraisal of the financial state of your organization by working with your CFO to understand the complexities and regulations you face. After examining the business and technology landscape and conducting analysis, Cask provides recommendations and a roadmap for change and improvement.

An objective assessment & strategic roadmap for your finances

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