Our Best Customer Success Stories of 2020

Our Best Customer Success Stories of 2020

We rang in 2020 with feelings of hope, excitement, and anticipation for what was going to unfold over the next 365 days. Then, we got to March and the world screeched to a halt as we all tried to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 virus by staying home. For many, this year has often felt like trying to fly an airplane while building it, and yet so much good has come out of an incredibly turbulent time.

2020 was no doubt a difficult, unprecedented year, but we were still able to help our customers achieve some pretty amazing things — especially COVID relief-related projects. As we look back on all that we have accomplished, here are Cask’s favorite customer success stories of 2020. 

Ramping up Response to COVID-19 Testing

Working with the City of Los Angeles, a Cask built a rapid scheduling application to support drive-through COVID-19 testing in four locations across Los Angeles County. Cask was able to develop, test and launch the application, which will support these testing locations, and new ones as more tests become available.

One month after Cask deployed the app, Los Angeles became the first major city in the United States to offer free testing to every resident, even those with no symptoms. 

Serving Up Meals to Los Angeles’ Most Vulnerable

Following the success of the COVID-19 testing application, the City of LA again turned to Cask for help with another aspect of the city’s relief efforts: the Senior Meals Emergency Response program (Senior Meals). Working with local restaurants and commercial kitchens to provide meals, and with taxicab drivers to assist with point-to-point meal delivery, Cask was able to increase the total number of seniors receiving meals. 

Today, more than 140,000 meals are delivered weekly to seniors through the app, including 8,000+ additional meals per week produced through the Cask partnership.

Implementing Safe Workplace Applications for a Global Manufacturing Giant

As industry went back into the office this year, a diversified industrial technology conglomerate with 26,000 global employees wanted to make sure that getting back to work was done safely and efficiently.

With agile solutions based on the company’s unique business needs, Cask was able to help the company launch a global safe workplace protocol for employees, contractors, and visitors in just 15 days. Click To Tweet

ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Applications made it easy to implement these new protocols, automating employee readiness surveys and employee health screenings across the company’s global network. 

Transforming Freedom Financial’s Employee Experience 

When team members at Freedom Financial reported they felt “disconnected from the company,” the Cask team was engaged to transform the employee experience. Cask was able to develop modern business process design, case management, knowledge management, human centered design, user interface, and user experience that would bring a financial services firm into the 21st century.

With Cask as a partner, the company realized a 70 percent increase in automation, and 40 percent increase in productivity. Today, company culture is stronger than ever, with a 25 percent increase in employee retention levels, bolstered by a modern employee experience. Employees now have access to dynamic mechanisms that help them update and maintain content for a curated experience based on roles within the company.

With a 75 percent increase in employee satisfaction, employees are engaged and connected to the work like never before.

Extinguishing Inefficiencies in National Wildfire Management

In October 2017, a team from Cask began working with federal partners at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) to build out an agile process that could manage and tie together the federal agencies that are responsible for managing wildfires on public land; organizing people, tools, and training in one easy to use platform. 

By building the solution from the ground up, the team was able to provide a higher level of integration with other major applications, facilitating the exchange of data between many existing wildland fire applications. 

“IROC is the first resource ordering status system or resource ordering system that is going to be passing across resources [between different fire business applications],” Sean Peterson, with the National Fire Center in Boise said.

The actual resources themselves are now integrated between the different applications and IROC gets to be a part of that, a major part … it’s really going to be moving us into the 21st century. IROC has got a whole bunch of different things than ROSS did, including internal reporting functionality, a better visibility, and a much more user-friendly environment to work in.”

Restoring the Supply Chain with ServiceNow

In March 2020, the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) — a $2 Trillion economic stimulus deal — was passed. Under CARES, the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) was designed to provide funding to farmers whose business had been negatively impacted. However, with more than 100,000 industry members seeking aid, the application and review process was cumbersome and inefficient.

Due to the urgency of the requests, the CASK team had four weeks to build the algorithm and all the code to ensure applications met compliance requirements, to support not only the development but the deployment and maintenance of the program. In that time, Cask was able to lay the groundwork to be able to automatically pull in completed applications daily, as well as import and map the reviewers to each state and county. 

Since IRDTS go-live, 500,000 applications were received, and 6,993 reviews have been completed nationwide.

We love helping our clients reach new heights and achieve what they once thought impossible. So even though 2020 was a difficult year, we can’t help but feel grateful that we were still able to help our clients persevere and succeed.

At Cask, we know how to streamline business.

We understand that the world moves fast, but information moves faster. You need data in a hurry, and company-wide automation is the answer. If your business can’t keep pace, we can guide you through a strategic transformation to optimize your operational efficiency.

That’s why we are proud to partner with ServiceNow to provide the solutions to move from manual tasks and paper deliverables to digital applications for managing your business.