“Every Cask resource, from our Account Manager to our PM, to the development resources we have worked with have been outstanding. They have handled difficult conversations about scope, dollars, or inevitable misunderstandings that come with a complex implementation extremely well. We appreciated their forthright and honest approach to their relationship with the Smithsonian.”

Smithsonian Project Manager

The Smithsonian Museum is the world’s largest museum and research complex, with 19 museums, 9 research centers, and affiliates around the world. Over the course of one year, Cask was able to upgrade Smithsonian’s IT operations to include ITSM, Knowledge, Service Catalog, and CMDB resources for its more than 6,000 employees.

Prior to working with Cask, Smithsonian was using an aging ITSM Help Desk platform and various manual, handwritten forms. With multiple operational perspectives for each unit or museum within the Smithsonian system, finding information was difficult and cumbersome. Their legacy system – which was actually three or four disparate programs – could no longer be upgraded or patched to meet their needs. 

Cask began by conducting a thorough evaluation and discussion with the various Smithsonian units and core project members. This helped Cask understand the organization’s pain points and to outline needs for a new operational solution. Through governance and discovery analysis, Cask was able to build an implementation roadmap for Smithsonian, which would bring business units together on one system, using the ServiceNow platform as a base. 

In addition to just being able to facilitate ITSM within the overall Smithsonian organization, Cask had to build the protocols for each museum within the system. 

“Each of those units have their own processes,” Marc England, technical director at Cask said. “Some of them have their own service desks, some of them have their own support groups, so getting incidents and changes routed to the correct group was one of our primary goals with this solution.” 

Smithsonian was living on borrowed time, as their system was nearing the end of its useful life. We had to take all of their ITSM capabilities and migrate those off of the existing system and move them into ServiceNow quickly.”

Jason Hagen, Cask Senior Consultant

Through collaboration with the customer, Cask was able to build a system that would route items to the appropriate team, including any peripheral groups within business units. All Smithsonian employees are now working within the system, using the same set of requirements.  

From analysis to implementation, Cask was able to deliver a robust implementation of ServiceNow for Smithsonian employees, despite the challenges of working during a global pandemic.

“Initially, we had planned to have a series of on-site workshops and trainings to get employees ready for go-live, but all of that had to be done virtually because of the Shelter in Place orders, but that did not impact our ability to meet the timelines that we had set up in the beginning of the process,” England said. 

The result was a complete overhaul of the Smithsonian processes and procedures around forms and requirements, with a full ITSM suite; including ServiceNow, Service Catalog and CMDB, that will serve the organization well into the future.

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