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With over 70,000 employees in over 190 countries, Becton Dickinson, a global medical technology company, provides innovative solutions that help advance medical research and genomics, enhance the diagnosis of infectious disease and cancer, improve medication management, promote infection prevention, equip surgical and interventional procedures and support the management of diabetes.

BD sought to modernize processes, business, and technology to align with their global strategic imperatives, while enabling the organization to scale and grow. In two phases, the company was able to operationalize and modernize its operations with upgrades to its Global Shared Services and Human Resources teams. Using the ServiceNow platform, BD was able to transform business processes to deliver great experiences; unlock productivity; improve efficiencies; reduce cost; and consolidate services in both customer-facing and internal operations.

Large enterprise transformation projects are hard, but Cask has always been willing to work with us as a true partner to make sure we are successful.”

Nichole Gorden,Senior Director of Service Integration

Phase 1: Global Shared Services

Following two major company mergers, BD’s Shared Services platform had begun to burst at the seams. In order to absorb the large volume of transactions that new business provided, the company needed to find a way to modernize its processes.

“In the beginning, we would utilize global [email] mailboxes for customers, vendors, and associates,” Nichole Gorden, SR director of service integration, global shared services, BD said. “It was like a black hole, where all emails would flow, and [overflow]. The endless loop that we were getting in was a huge pain point for everyone.”

Before we started, we couldn’t tell how many requests we were getting in on a daily basis; or how quickly we were resolving these requests because everything was in email. Now, with this system, you can just bring up a dashboard and see how each one of your shared services centers are doing, but you can even drill down to [departments] within the shared service centers.

Nichole Gorden,Senior Director of Service Integration

Communications efforts were hard to track and manage over time, and work was often duplicated many times over. In order to better serve its customer base, BD needed a case management system with detailed metrics that provided transparency across its various processes and locations, while also aligning with larger company goals.

Cask worked with BD to develop the BD Services Store, a single, cloud-based enterprise service management solution to modernize case management the system tracks and monitors requests, allowing users to view the status in real-time.

Additionally, the platform integrated the strategic imperatives outlined by BD executives during discovery, providing a solution that improved all tier services, provided self-service visibility to current status and notes, delivered service requests through a graphical user experience, included multi-language integration, featured universal accessibility; and provides a way to measure adoption and effectiveness.

Today, the BD Services Store has 500 global fulfillers on the system, 65,000 internal approvers and requestors on the system, and is used by 100,000 combined requestors.

Phase 2: Human Resources

After achieving success with the BD Shared Service Center rollout, the company’s Human Resources department sought to transform the department’s Service Delivery function to an end-to-end Service Management that Designs, Develops and Delivers extraordinary experiences for employees.

“The associate experience was fairly poor [prior to roll-out]. It was very difficult for employees to locate HR policies, which differed based on regions where employees worked. We wanted to showcase and standardize our HR services, and measure the ability to track tickets, which we could not with our legacy system,” Gorden said.

To address BD’s HR challenges, the next ServiceNow implementation needed to be rooted in company culture so that employees would receive a standard response across the company, with personalization based on regional differences.

“It really connected the BD organization with our HR organization, which had never been done before,” Gorden said.

BD’s new HROne platform features 62 HR services built and deployed across 50 countries and in 12 languages to serve the entire organization’s HR needs, standardizing onboarding and incident processes, to name a few.

Employees can now engage with their relative regional Shared Service centers, as well as the larger organization.

HR policies and content can be easily accessed from anywhere, any time within the platform, which is optimized for use on mobile devices. Simple taxonomy and integrated search help users find answers quickly. A Virtual Agent and Live Chat capabilities allow employees to receive an immediate response to issues when needed and reducing costs by providing data and insight into employees most common issues.

Through these projects, Cask helped BD to realize digital transformation on the Now platform, transitioning the business from redundant, manual processes to a mature, automated digital one. BD has continued to turn to Cask to modernize areas of their business and improve their employee and customer experience.

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