Benefits of Converting Your Workflow to a Lifecycle Event

One simple way to improve employee productivity is to provide effective benefits and resources. This includes paid and unpaid leave, as during the normal course of business, employees may need to take some time off due to various lifecycle events. 

Typically Leave of Absence workflows do not always account for a positive employee experience. Click To Tweet

The rules around when to take leave, how to request leave, and when an employee should come back to work (and how), vary from company to company. This can lead to confusion when employees don’t know what is expected of them before they go on leave or what to expect when they return. Employees can become stressed, and the process can require extra hands on from fulfillers to provide leave information to employees.

Thankfully, ServiceNow’s Employee Experience module includes various leave of absence request/management options.

Even with a fully built Leave Workflow, Lifecycle events will still add tremendous value to business, significantly improving the employee experience when going on or returning from leave; and reducing the time spent on leave cases for fulfillers.

To ensure that your employees fully understand every aspect of a Leave of Absence, Cask will evaluate the current workflow and take account of processes that work well and those that don’t. After an evaluation is completed, we will make suggestions on how to improve the employee experience. 

Through a lifecycle event, we can present various automated activities to an employee and/or fulfiller. Providing appropriately timed, leave-specific Knowledge Articles (accessible to all employees through your company Employee Portal) is one example of how we reduce some of the anxiety of going on leave and returning to work after being on leave.

With the automation of a Lifecycle event, we reduce anxiety of an employee going on leave. Click To Tweet

The true benefit though is less hands-on time for our fulfillers. We can reduce time spent working leave cases and improve upon an employee’s experience.

Employee productivity is crucial to a company’s success. Leave policies that are easy to understand and access build a better employee experience and will help you retain top talent in the future. Let Cask show you how to build a better process today.