Building Your Business Continuity Plan for Today’s Climate

Building Your Business Continuity Plan for Today’s Climate

From Surviving to Thriving

Now more than ever, having a realistic Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is important if you want your work to thrive. The best way to do this is by including Business Impact Analysis (BIA). 

Most BCPs do not have a realistic BIA that takes into account such disruptive events on the scale that we are experiencing them today.

Additionally, many businesses fail to maintain their BCP and BIA, which should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Other reasons for BCP failure include not having a comprehensive Backup and Restore plan that is in line with actual risks, addressing unrealistic or very unlikely risks (failing to prioritize keeping the BCP and BIA realistic), and a plan that has no stakeholder or employee buy-in.

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At Cask, we have significant expertise in helping organizations develop and maintain realistic and future-focused BCP’s that contain a BIA that actually has meaning. Our approach is to first and foremost clearly understand the business vertical that your organization is in and then apply industry best practices to develop a BCP that has the corresponding BIA specific to the risks that your organization will face. 

When building the BIA, we realize that the list of possibilities is long, but it’s key to explore them thoroughly in order to best assess risk. 

Our solution solves one of the most pressing challenges that organizations are facing today. As businesses attempt to navigate the current crisis with a BCP that is not in-line with the scale of the challenges that they are facing, leadership may find themselves frustrated and falling behind. Likewise, the cost of a poorly formed BCP and BIA can be catastrophic to a company, and even lay the foundation for the failure of the company as a whole.

As your partner, Cask will help to distill the BCP down into actionable steps that have true meaning and will enable the organization to be able to take advantage of the new working environment. By providing a real, actionable BCP that includes the steps necessary for your company to pivot from surviving to thriving. 

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