California State University – East Bay

California State University – East Bay



CSUEB2_LogoCalifornia State University – East Bay (CSUEB) had purchased ServiceNow to replace their existing Service Management solution, but was unsuccessful in the initial implementation. The initial effort was focused on providing the same functionality previously held within their existing toolset. This led customer dissatisfaction and resulted in a leadership decision to not continue implementation activities.   In addition, new requirements continued to arise, including the need to meet security audit requirements regarding asset tracking.

Cask Action

The Cask team first collaborated with CSUEB leadership to analyze what had been completed prior to Cask’s arrival. We then developed a strategic roadmap for a successful Service Management transformation program and ServiceNow implementation. Cask recommended a focus on services, including a self-service capability and service desk organizational change. After reviewing recommendations with CSUEB leadership, Cask engaged with CSUEB to define services, build out a services hierarchy, and define user interaction requirements for self-service. We then implemented the ServiceNow Content Management System (CMS), Service Catalog, Request Fulfillment and Incident Management functionalities. In addition, Cask worked with the CSUEB team on the organizational change required to make their ServiceNow implementation a success.

After CSUEB successfully went live, Cask facilitated several offsite whiteboarding sessions with CSUEB leadership to strategize and make decisions about key roles to support the major Service Management processes, and which processes to tackle next. Soon after their Phase I “Go-Live” CSUEB re-engaged Cask to build out IT Asset Management and Configuration Management processes, including implementation of the associated applications in ServiceNow.


After working with Cask on multiple projects, CSUEB had a fully functioning, comprehensive Self Service capability complete with university branding. The self-service capability reduced incoming call volume by 20%. In addition, CSUEB now meets ISO 27001 security audit requirements and has the capability of identifying where assets are in real time. The rest of the campus has recognized the value the IT organization has provided to the university and is looking at automating non-IT processes within ServiceNow and expanding self-service beyond IT.

Cask consultants were realistic, approachable, and the interplay between them provided a relaxed, accessible environment that made the topic of conversation more understandable and digestible.

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