Cask Invited to Speak at Fusion 15

Three’s Company: Including Customer Engagement in Your ITSM Assessment

Whether your organization is just starting its ITSM journey or has already achieved high levels of process maturity, it’s important to perform ITSM assessments to identify areas for further development and set strategic direction. This case study-based session delves into best practices for engaging your customers as part of an ITSM approach. Attendees should expect to take away an improved understanding of who should be involved in the assessment, approaches for feedback engagement, and ways to ensure customer inclusion in each step of the process.


Nate Weldon - TitleAfter spending fifteen years in various operational roles in IT management, Nathan Weldon chose to move into the ITSM consulting world with Cask, one of the premier ITSM consulting firms in the US. He had his ITIL “a-ha” moment in 2009, after completing the foundations certification course, and he recently began working towards his ITIL Expert certification. Previously, Nathan spent six years as a ServiceNow implementer/administrator.


Joe Foster - TitleJoe has more than twelve years of experience as an ITSM consultant focused on improving communications, implementing organizational change, and enabling cultural transformations. By combining a background in computer engineering, an ITIL Expert certified approach, and a passion for interpersonal effectiveness, he has developed lasting solutions that meet the needs of the business. Joe is currently leading customer engagement activities as an IT account manager at Sempra US Gas and Power.