Cask on Ariba Network

Cask has joined the Ariba Commerce Cloud, which allows Cask to conduct business with the majority of Fortune 500 firms and thousands of other enterprises efficiently and effectively.  Ariba can connect your company with Cask on the Commerce Cloud and start doing business today.

Cask’s Ariba Network ID (ANID) is AN01002652363.

About Ariba

The Ariba Commerce Cloud connects over 730,000 companies with just a click, including over half of the Fortune 500. Numerous companies continue to join in order to control supply chain cost and minimize risk while increasing sales and enhancing cash flow and operations. This is done through the applications for spend management, collaborative finance management, and sales acceleration management. Billions of dollars are transacted weekly as a result of the instantaneous connectivity between buyers and sellers to conduct business on the network.

Over the next 24 hours in the Ariba Commerce Cloud, businesses around the world will:

  • Buy and sell nearly $548 million worth of goods and services.
  • Conduct more than 100,000 transactions.
  • Process more than 60,000 invoices and payments.
  • And, manage a whole host of other commerce collaborations, from discovering new business opportunities to negotiating contracts to securing financing.