Cask Selected For The VALET Program

Cask is proud to announce that we have been selected for the Virginia Leaders in Export Trade Program by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. Beginning in July 2013, Cask will participate in the award-winning business acceleration program to expand our international presence. Selection for the VALET Program is based upon a competitive process assisting exporters, such as Cask, who have firmly established domestic operations and who are committed to international export as an expansion strategy.

“VALET offers a powerful combination of capital resources provided by the state along with professional services from expert, private-sector partners. Each year, 25 qualifying companies ramp up their global marketing efforts through this program. Companies graduate from this comprehensive, two-year business acceleration program with greater focus on the potential of export trade profits. On average, companies experience an 88% increase in international sales during and immediately following the program.” 

To find out more information about the program and qualifying, please refer to