Cask’s Ron Davis Presenting at FUSION 16



Don’t miss Cask advisor Ron Davis presenting at the upcoming FUSION 16 conference taking place in Las Vegas, November 1st through 4th.

FUSION is a premier Service Management conference where attendees can discuss and compare the benefits and challenges associated with using ITSM when implementing virtualization, the cloud, mobility, security, SaaS, and more. With over 100 sessions, this conference will help you establish and accomplish service management goals specific to your organization. This will help you arm yourself with the knowledge you need to implement service management initiatives back at the office. This conference will help you  gain crucial insight into how formal processes and industry tools can align IT goals with business goals to improve operations.

Cask’s Ron Davis will be presenting on Service Management in a Shared-Service Economy.

Session details:

What aspects of the sharing economy are already ITSM-aligned? Having a couple friends stay over on a weekend is sharing. Handing them a bill as they head out makes you an innkeeper. Giving somebody a ride to the airport is sharing. Charging them for it in yesterday’s economy makes you a taxi. Charging them for it in today’s economy makes you a ride-share driver.  At a micro-level, service delivery is the common denominator in both scenarios. Is it safe to say that, at a macro-level, other models that support ITSM-aligned service delivery are at work in the background? All of these scenarios require a level of service management discipline indicative of ITSM frameworks.  Join this session to find out how to apply this framework.

Session Code:  SESSION603

Location:  Room 106-107

Date: Thursday, November 3rd

Time: 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm
Track:  The Futurist