Consumer Data Compliance

Consumer Data Compliance

After any publicized data breach, consumer inquiries regarding the breach are common. Post-incident, organizations need immediate, accessible proof of compliance or policy to ease consumer concerns about their privacy.

In order to get back to business after a breach, you’ll first need to ensure that your organization is now in compliance with data security requirements. For some businesses, this may be the start of a long process to search for and patch holes in your compliance landscape. Thankfully, you need not embark on this search and rescue mission alone.

Cask has built teams of analysts dedicated to maintaining the security of organizational databases and consumer data. Our teams do this by helping business to transition to ServiceNow’s IRM/GRC platform.

ServiceNow’s IRM/GRC platform, known as a “shield” of compliance for regulators, and an “umbrella” of protection for consumers can bring your organization the clarity and transparency necessary to compete in today’s data-driven environment. Cask’s team can make your transition toward compliance easier by making this migration feel seamless.

Consumer data protection is as important to Cask as it is to our clients. That’s why we are so passionate about solving any IRM/GRC problem your organization faces. As a proven leader in data protection with government and enterprise clients, we have worked with many organizations over the years to discover their compliance needs and build a plan for proper implementation of a solution that will keep your customers and employees happy with the knowledge that their data is secure.

At Cask, we know how to streamline business.

We understand that the world moves fast, but information moves faster. You need data in a hurry, and company-wide automation is the answer. If your business can’t keep pace, we can guide you through a strategic transformation to optimize your operational efficiency.

That’s why we are proud to partner with ServiceNow to provide the solutions to move from manual tasks and paper deliverables to digital applications for managing your business.