COVID-19: Roadmap to the New Normal

COVID-19: Roadmap to the New Normal

Reaction, Response, and Recovery During a Global Pandemic

Now more than ever, the world of work is changing. The coronavirus (COVID-19), and the rapid transformation resulting from the response has affected every part of society dramatically, especially the workforce. Many organizations have begun to react and respond to the pandemic, but will also face the need for recovery and adjustment to the new normal.

Technology is changing rapidly, and as organizations seek to engage a now disparate workforce, having the right systems in place will make all the difference.

As we navigate this ever-changing environment, organizational needs will change based on corporate maturity levels. Some systems may already be robust enough to handle this new way of life, but for those finding their organization fragmented in this environment of uncertainty, we have built a roadmap to follow that covers the critical elements for proper reaction, response, and recovery in times like these. Together, we can take action to get to the new normal successfully.

Most organizations, by this time, should have taken the appropriate steps to react to this unprecedented emergency, most importantly focusing on the employee and their:

  • Health and safety

  • Financial wellness

  • Ability to continue to work remotely to ensure business continuity

Assuming your organization has already reacted to the pandemic and ensured employees are accounted for and supported, it’s now critical to have a plan in place.
A plan is not only to respond to the crisis response today, but to recover and support your team tomorrow. Click To Tweet
We have identified some of the areas to focus on in the “Response and Recover” phases in the accompanying roadmap.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plans, in general, have in the past been built to address an acute crisis and were never intended to support a long-term crisis affecting everyone across the globe. Moving forward, these plans will require long-term plans and procedures, and should be tested on a global scale whenever possible.  With the potential of additional waves in the coming months, and to support preparedness for future health crises, it’s critical to begin updating DR/BC plans, and to actually test them.

The age of digital transformation is here, and has been for a while now.

Today, it’s not a matter of whether your organization wants to go digital, it’s how fast they will get there with their enterprise intact and ready to thrive.  We must take actions today so that we are ready for “The New Normal” tomorrow.

We’ve all had aspects of our life and work upended during this crisis, but forward-thinking, clear-headed actions can make all the difference as we navigate the new normal. By following this roadmap, organizations will be better prepared to work through digital channels and support their newly remote workforce during this crisis.

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