Crawl, Don’t Run to a Healthy CMDB

Don’t Sleep on your CMDB

In this webinar we’ll dive into “Crawl, Don’t Run to a Healthy CMDB” and the three concepts that comprise CMDB: Physical, Logical, and Conceptual. A configuration management database, or CMDB, works like the foundation or information hub for your ServiceNow IT platform and all the modules connected to it. But why is it so important?

Why is CMDB so important?

  • It is the digital foundation for an organization
  • Operationally prepared to support the intended use of ServiceNow
  • A solid CMDB foundation is necessary to mature the platform & gain value

You will learn how our Strategic Compass Solution two phase plan can align vision, goals, and outcomes. Create a roadmap based on Cask framework for success, and increase your ServiceNow value.

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