ServiceNow SAMPro: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Is your organization fully optimizing its software budget? Don’t spin your wheels, get huge cost savings with SAMPro now.

With ServiceNow SAMPro you can expect:

  • A trusted compliance report
  • Better visibility into cost savings
  • Less time to react to audit issues
  • Proper time to prepare for contract negotiations

Implementing SAMPro takes expertise, let our experts walk you through an easy actionable plan on how to start small with SAMPro and build a process you can actually follow. 

We’ll focus specifically on Entitlements and how you can eliminate headaches and frustration later in your SAMPro implementation journey by being prepared with the right data needed to match up the software your organization has purchased with the software installed in your environment.

The first 40 Registrants will receive an Amazon gift card!

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