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During the COVID-19 crisis, complex, paper-based systems hindered the State of Alaska’s (SOA) ability to serve customers and employees within the organization. SOA hired Cask to scale systems and processes that would support telework for the near and long term, keeping employees safe and productive during this time.

In just three months, Cask was able to deliver a modern, service-centric solution for ITSM, CSM, and HR Service Delivery for state operations on a single platform. Emphasizing digitization, automation, and remote work capabilities, Cask was able to improve SOA’s ability to complete work and serve customers remotely.

Cask partnered with the State of Alaska to develop an overall strategy for ServiceNow platform implementation, using a multipurpose approach to modernizing service delivery.

For SOA, those gaps included HR, ITSM, and CSM as part of their Pandemic Preparedness Program. In partnership with a team from Cask, the AlaskaNow project provides the digital infrastructure, applications, and services needed to continuously operate during times of crisis, as well as on a day-to-day basis.

Initial Implementation

The initial implementation with SOAs Human Resources department involved building an Employee Service Center Portal Experience that would allow for SOA employees to easily access information related to their employment. A total of 17 HR services were modernized, including case management, knowledge management, onboarding and lifecycle events, document management, training, and organizational change management. Additionally, SOA built a Human Resources System of Record to house all this information on a single platform for its 15,000 employees. 

“Digitized human resource service delivery improved insight and decision-making for the State of Alaska,” McTague said. 

This in turn increased employee satisfaction by empowering teleworking-eligible employees to have a greater impact on the job, by having access to the information they needed to get their jobs done effectively during the pandemic.

Cask is not here just to deploy software. Our job as subject matter experts in process, is to observe the current system state and identify gaps, and then, using ServiceNow, build bridges to resolve those gaps.”

Gregory McTague, Cask Program Manager

IT Service Management

Using SOAs Department of Administration as a pilot, Cask next began development of an overall strategy for ServiceNow platform implementation across the organization. 

IT Service Management provided a place for employees to manage requests and access service catalogs via a single easy-to-use portal. Through the pilot, several programs were modernized, including incident management, service request catalog/ request management, change management, knowledge management, configuration management, and hardware asset management. All in all, 117 unique deliverables were built for SOA, developed through reviewing weekly status reports and meetings with the team to ensure goals were met and tasks were completed on time and on budget.

“This was part of a larger overall program that would transform the state’s infrastructure into a modern and agile response, made possible through a truly outstanding job and amazing participation and dedication by the SOA team,” McTague said.

In the first week of ITSM deployment, 900 incidents were submitted via the platform, 65 knowledge articles were made available for self-service, and thousands of Cis were created in the CMDB for OIT.

With knowledge-centered services and accurate information regarding the status of assets in the system, SOA is now able to support problem-solving and change management processes. 

The implementation is just the starting point for the State of Alaska, as they continue to identify opportunities to bring services and catalog items into AlaskaNow, expand use and maturity of CMDB, incorporate service mapping, and expand CSM use and maturity.

Thanks to Cask’s subject matter expertise and the dedication of the team, SOA now has a mature process that promotes the health and safety of both employees and constituents by providing the State of Alaska with easy access to information and metrics that measure incident response effectively.

What we did was fairly complex in a short time. We did a full onboarding MVP, which was very complex, with close to 40 different tasks embedded within. We were able to design 19 services for the case management and catalogue and resurrect the employee document management to go with all those forms as part of onboarding.”

Gregory McTague, Cask Program Manager

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