Direct from ServiceNow New York: Agent Workspace for CSM, ITSM

Direct from ServiceNow New York: Agent Workspace for CSM, ITSM

You’re going to love your new assistant from New York.

This could be like a dream partner, having a personal agent who knows where everything is and can take care of all the repetitive tasks you used to dread.

This is one organized, methodical silent helper who’s adept at multitasking and never makes mistakes. What’s not to love? Introducing the latest addition to the ServiceNow New York lineup of new features, please welcome…

Agent Workspace for CSM

Agent Workspace for Customer Service Management integrates the platform functionality specific to tier-1 customer service agents and puts these features into an easy-to-navigate interface.

Agent Workspace for CSM supports the needs of agents handling customer inquiries, issues, and cases from multiple sources, including:

  • Case agents, who handle cases created from the Customer or Consumer Service Portals or from inbound emails.
  • Phone agents, who handle customer phone inquiries.
  • Chat agents, who handle customer chat requests.

Create a workbook for an accounting period, add close tasks in it, and define dependencies between tasks. Since finance close is a repetitive process, you only need to create the workbook once for the first period. After that, you can just duplicate the prior period workbook.

Agent Workspace for CSM makes it easy for agents to efficiently manage multiple cases, accounts, customers, and consumers.

  • The multi-tab interface improves agent productivity by enabling agents to easily navigate between records.
  • The ribbon provides overview information in a way that quickly orients an agent to case details.
  • The intuitive Case form layout minimizes scrolling by displaying case details side by side with the activity stream.
  • Agent Assist enables agents to quickly search for information across multiple sources such as knowledge bases and community sites.
  • Predictive Intelligence can provide agents with a list of similar cases and can also provide recommendations about major issues and major cases.

Similar Case Recommendations

The similar case recommendation feature enables your customer service agents to easily find similar cases that can provide helpful information about a current case. This feature can also provide recommendations about cases that may be related to major issues.

With the Similar Case/Recommendation feature, customer service agents can:

  • Find cases that are similar to the current case.
  • Copy resolution notes and codes from resolved cases to the current case.
  • Link the current case to a similar case.
  • View a list of open cases similar to the current case and submit the current case as a major case candidate.
  • View one or more similar major cases and link the current case as a child to a major case. Major issue managers can search for cases that are similar to a major case and add them as child cases.

Using the Feature in Agent Workspace and in the Platform Interface

With Agent Workspace, agents can:

  • Perform a search in Predictive Intelligence using the additional search resources.
  • Create a link from the current case to a selected case in the search results.
  • Copy resolution information from a selected case to the current case. This includes the resolution code and the resolution notes (the agent must then save the case).
  • View a list of similar cases that do not include major cases. This is a way to see that the current case might be a major case candidate.
  • View a list of similar cases that include one or more major cases. The major cases are displayed first in the list of results. Agents can use an available action to add the current case as a child of a major case.

Browser Support for Workspaces

Do not use Internet Explorer 11 to access any workspaces. If you are on the New York release and you are using Internet Explorer 11 with any workspace, such as Service Owner Workspace, Vendor Manager Workspace, or any other type workspace, you must migrate to a modern browser before you upgrade to future releases. Internet Explorer 11 will not be supported for workspaces after the New York release.

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