Don’t Be Seduced by Metrics

Successful business leaders understand the importance of establishing key metrics to measure effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery against organizational goals and initiatives. It is important to think beyond the key metrics such as: revenue, customer satisfaction, and quality. In order to develop and sustain a successful organization, it is critical to consistently monitor and act on changes in business performance indicated by the metrics. Through the use of data and context, businesses can measure the impact of our actions to deliver on specific business outcomes. Join Cask to learn:

  • When data is just data
  • What’s important to consider when developing Key Process Indicators (KPIs) and Metrics
  • How to add context to the data
  • What “Operating Mechanisms” are…and how they combine data and context to drive the right actions

In order to successfully operate as a business, it is critical to understand the meaning of data, the addition of context, and how to drive the right actions. Read the Cask Blog to learn more about “Don’t Be Seduced By Metrics.” WATCH ON DEMAND

More about our Presenter:

Kelly M. Loweis a Senior Advisor at Cask, LLC, with 20+ years of business leadership, service delivery and organizational change experience. She is a certified ITIL Expert, Software Asset Manager (CSAM), and Six Sigma Black Belt, and has worked with clients ranging from 500 to 75,000 users, to build Service Management programs, roadmaps, services, and improve processes that enable great customer experiences. Kelly has a strong background in Talent Management and Leadership Development, with a focus on ensuring the right people are placed where most needed by the organization.