COVID-19 Response

Is your organization struggling with ways to operationalize emergency response?
Reach out to Cask for initial deployment of the ServiceNow
Community applications until Monday, June 8, 2020.

ServiceNow has launched four (4) new Community applications to help customers proactively provide Emergency Operations & Response. In order to help our customers employ these, Cask is offering no cost initial deployment support of these applications until June 8, 2020 on a first-come basis. Below are brief descriptions of the ServiceNow Emergency Operations & Response applications that are available in the ServiceNow Store:

  • Emergency Outreach – Notifies employees of safety measures and allows them to self-report health status, including located and safety status
  • Emergency Exposure Management – Identifies illness exposure among employees; helps employee identify who else in the company could have been exposed
  • Emergency Self Report – Enables employees to report quarantine status and confirm return to work
  • Emergency Response Operations – Assists state and local government with incident resource planning and activation (donated by Washington State Department of Health)

Our entire company has come together to focus on solving some of these challenges today and we are deeply committed to your success now and in the future. Please continue to stay safe and healthy and fill out the form if you need any help.

Customer Success Story
Emergency Response App Deployment

Following ServiceNow’s launch of their four (4) new Community applications,
Cask began offering no-cost initial deployment support of these applications.

Cask was able to deploy the four out-of-box applications for a large federal customer in their own environment within hours. We’re working closely with our customer over the coming weeks to configure the applications to include features that make it more valuable to their business. 

These applications seamlessly interface together and there were no technical issues that slowed down the process.

We meet with the Executive Leadership Team tomorrow for official buy-in and approval.

Once approved, we’ll be going live with these apps to approximately 35,000 users.

Our customer is extremely pleased to have these applications to support his teams during this COVID-19 pandemic. It also assists in preparing their teams for similar emergencies in the future.

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