Increase in Automation
Increase in Employee Satisfaction
Increase in Productivity
Increase in Retention

“We could have not gone down this journey without the help and guidance from Cask. We are excited about the ability to connect in real-time [to our employees and customers]. We are on the road toward significant growth in the future.”

Linda Luman, SVP, Human Resources/CHRO at Freedom Financial

Freedom Financial is a financial and debt relief services firm with 12,000 employees spanning California and Arizona. With $750 million in annual revenue, the company is a leader in online financial services that provides millions of consumers with successful solutions for debt settlement, mortgage shopping and personal loans, but the employee experience lacked the personal touch that the firm’s customers received.

Employees and content managers used a number of different internal systems to perform their jobs, which resulted in operational inefficiencies across the company. Additionally, the onboarding and off-boarding process was extensive and time-consuming, and failed to adequately connect employees with company culture and values. Many team members reported they felt “disconnected from the company.”

Cask was tasked with transforming the employee experience at Freedom Financial into a world-class destination that empowers workers while building brand equity and loyalty. With proper strategy, transformation and implementation, this HR Services Delivery contract would focus on human-centered design to increase engagement and productivity, ensuring rapid adoption levels of new protocols.

“We needed to create this fully immersive experience for employees, that built upon not only on our amazing culture, but [fostered] brand loyalty,” Linda Luman, SVP, human resources/CHRO at Freedom Financial, said. 

As the company grew, they realized that building a single system of engagement at the company for all employees would increase the level of productivity and self-service options for support, automate manual processes, recruit new talent, and accelerate acculturation; all while showcasing their unique company culture.

Freedom Financial would need to undergo a major transformation.

The Cask team began by engaging all levels of the organization to move from a manual process to a stronger, digitally focused strategy for customer needs, both inside and outside the company. Through enterprise road mapping, the team began by working to understand Freedom Financials’ enterprise architecture/requirements, employee and customer experience personas and strategy to align centers of excellence. 

We wanted to increase productivity and we wanted to have higher engagement and empower our employees to thrive in our growing organization, to have more at their fingertips.”

Linda Luman, SVP, Human Resources/CHRO at Freedom Financial

Our approach was really to focus on the needs of the employees and of the organization as a whole.” 

Stephanie Otto, Senior Director at Cask

The transformation employed design thinking to focus on creating an employee experience that connected with employees on an emotional level. Cask was able to develop modern business process design, case management, knowledge management, human centered design, user interface, and user experience that would bring the financial services firm into the 21st century.

Implementation included a custom-built Employee Service Center, providing systems of record, knowledge management and case management, integration with Workday. A total of 62 services were built + deployed, along with deployment with a virtual agent (chat bot) to alleviate some of the employee pain points when working with HR.

“The ability to drive retention and achieve productivity [were both] driving factors that we were able to track at the end of this improved employee experience,” Luman said. 

With Cask as a partner, Freedom Financial realized a 70 percent increase in automation, and 40 percent increase in productivity. Today, company culture is stronger than ever, with a 25 percent increase in employee retention levels, bolstered by a modern employee experience. Employees now have access to dynamic mechanisms that help them update and maintain content for a curated experience based on roles within the company. With a 75 percent increase in employee satisfaction, employees are engaged and connected to the work like never before.

“We could have not gone down this journey without the help and guidance from Cask,” Luman said. “We are excited about the ability to connect in real-time [to our employees and customers. We are on the road toward significant growth in the future.”

With Cask’s help, the company realized a deeper focus on customer centricity and design thinking to create a world-class experience, providing employees with the information that they need, when they need it.

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