Getting the Most Out of Quebec

Don’t Get Left Behind

As an existing ServiceNow customer, you already know that upgrades to the platform happen twice a year. These upgrades allow your business to take advantage of the latest platform features and innovations.

Not only will upgrading your instance improve customer service and performance, but you’ll also benefit from the highest level of security available on the platform. Upgrading to the newest version of ServiceNow gives business useful enhancements and improvement solutions that are already available on the platform – you just have to upgrade!

Are you prepared to upgrade? 

With proper planning, any modifications or custom applications you made on the platform will be protected and move with you as you upgrade, so there’s no need to fear this new instance. In fact, early upgraders will benefit from a limited number of tests and bug fixes that they would have to undergo if they waited until a later release. The key to a successful upgrade is simply to be prepared.

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