How Cask and PlatCore Automate and Innovate LMS with ServiceNow

How Cask and PlatCore Automate and Innovate LMS with ServiceNow

If you have a method for managing training in your organization, you have what’s commonly called a Learning Management Systems (LMS). Although many features may be included in such a system, any respectable LMS should accomplish four main tasks: assign, deliver, track, report.

Let’s look closer at these four functions of a well-designed Learning Management System and how they work to improve efficiency and increase value.

1) Assign Training

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Using a Learning Management System built on the Now® Platform, Cask and fellow ServiceNow® Partner PlatCore help you create and assign course materials across an entire organization, to specific groups, or individual users. Employees receive automated notifications of when to enroll, when materials are due, and how to complete them. Employees can also browse course catalogs, assign themselves courses, and enhance their capabilities. This adds great value to the ServiceNow HR module.

2) Deliver Course Content

Delivering educational content to your employees becomes easier when repeatable processes are automated with a Learning Management System.

Cask and PlatCore implement ServiceNow Learning Management Systems that support mobile devices and make training content accessible to employees anytime on any device. Systems support learning standards such as SCORM 1.2 or 2004 as well as various content formats including PDF and video.

3) Track Progress

Follow the progress of your organizational knowledge development by tracking assignments, open registrations, and prerequisite approvals.

The LMS can check off training or onboarding items as courses are complete and track those in progress at various locations. Recognize employee achievements with certificates upon course completion. Reminders can be sent about approaching due dates as needed.

4) Reporting Data

The right data can illustrate how well your organization is doing at a given time, and where it needs to improve. Accurate, meaningful reporting becomes easier with access to raw learning data, as well as compliance information, HR profiles, and the like.

Who Benefits from LMS?

Everyone in your organization can benefit from an effective Learning Management System, from new recruits to veteran C-level executives. Top managers are able to make more informed forecasts and reduce regulatory risk through improved compliance processes. LMS also helps to shape corporate culture as new recruits and trainees form impressions about the company during onboarding.

Provide consumer-grade training experiences that show new hires how your brand is forward-thinking and focused on employees as well as customers. Let Cask and PlatCore configure ServiceNow to automate the assignment and scheduling of your training courses to help employees get up to speed quickly.

Contact your Cask advisor and find out how Cask and PlatCore can set up your ServiceNow training tool to standardize processes, reduce costs, and improve strategic alignment through organizational change management.

At Cask, we’re continually looking for new ways to help businesses get the most out of their ServiceNow investment. By keeping the focus on people, and how processes and technology can help meet their needs, we can improve the experience for customers and employees alike.

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