How to accelerate change adoption and ROI through video

How to accelerate change adoption and ROI through video

One of the most challenging aspects of organizational change management is finding effective ways to boost adoption. By getting the right message out early and often, you’ll be able to prepare your team with the time and information they need to embrace change.

However, with so many forms of media fighting for our attention every day, it’s harder than ever to find the perfect medium to cut through the noise.

Think about it. Do you really have enough time to read another article? Aren’t you already overwhelmed with emails? And I bet you sure as heck wouldn’t appreciate an after-hours work text on your personal cell phone!

That’s why, after much trial and error (but we didn’t text anyone late at night—we promise!), custom, branded video has become the medium of choice at Cask when we need to maximize engagement and enable desirable new behavior.

Regardless of the content, science has shown that the medium really matters. And video gives us the chance to impact multiple senses at once—auditory and visual.

When stimulating just the auditory sense through hearing, a listener retains about 10 percent of what they heard. However, stimulating both the auditory and visual senses by hearing and watching a video helps the viewer retain a whopping 68 percent of the information they viewed. This is the dual-coding theory—and it’s just one of the tricks we have up our sleeve for achieving effective communication.

Video increases clicks by 380 percent and garners 1,200 percent more shares than text and images combined on social media. No need to guess—it’s clear that people really respond to video.

In the business world, companies that use video grow revenue almost 50 percent faster year-over-year than those that don’t. Videos posted on top-ranking corporate Facebook sites are shared 12 times more often than articles or links. Educational videos like how-tos, explainers, tips, and demonstrations are the most effective forms of video content.

Add that to the fact that video communication can be sent anywhere in the world and is easy to view on almost any device and you’ve got a scalable, cost-effective communication strategy—no matter how extensive or dispersed your organization is.

So, what’s the catch? Well, a good video doesn’t just pop out of thin air. While there are dozens of tactics we use to create video messaging that connects with viewers on an emotional level, the number one tip we can give beginners is to keep it short.

People have short attention spans. Keep your video to 90 seconds or less and people will not only enjoy watching the whole thing—they’ll share it.

Whether you’re undergoing a large change in your organization or you simply want to spread some important information quickly, find a way to include video in your messaging. It’s more memorable and engaging than any other form of communication and your team will thank you for it.

Looking for an example of a video that can increase engagement and enable a successful transformation? Look no further than our own organizational change management video, which was created by Cask’s team of Emmy Award-winning designers.

Need a marketing video like this for your own organizational change management efforts or other important messaging? The Cask team has expertise on tap. Get in touch so we can start discussing your unique challenges and achieving your desired outcomes today.

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