How to Try Any ServiceNow Store App for Free

This piece was originally posted on the blog at where Christopher Morgan oversees Product Management.  Stave builds and supports ServiceNow applications and makes them available exclusively through partners such as Cask and the ServiceNow Store.

Did you know that you can try out applications in the ServiceNow Store for free in a stand-alone sandbox instance?  Most people know about the “Try” button on the Store, which installs the app in your sub-production instances, but last month they introduced the ability to spin-up a separate, stand-alone instance to test apps without having any effect on your instance governance procedures.This is great if you’re not the platform owner, but still want to try out an app build for the platform.



Here’s the easy break-down on how to kick the figurative app tires:

  1. Visit the ServiceNow Store and click on any app to view its page.
  2. Click the Request a Demo button. It’s on the right, about half-way down.
  3. Login with your HI credentials. HI accounts come from ServiceNow.
  4. You will receive an email when your demo instance is ready.  This will include the URL and initial admin credentials.
  5. Try the apps and then decide if you want to “Try” them in your sub-prod instances, or “Buy” them and run them in production.


Five steps still too much? I made a short video (specific to Stave, but the same for everyone) to show how this works: