November 3, 2021
When in “Rome”: Major Updates You Need To Know

Wednesday, November 3  10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET

There are many great things about the ServiceNow platform- especially the focus on features, usability, and security of the platform. ServiceNow conducts major releases semi-annually, but what do those updates mean for you? In this webinar, we can teach you about the most exciting innovations released in Rome and help you realize that upgrading doesn’t have to be a headache!

Unlike some other legacy systems, upgrading your ServiceNow instance can be a simple and fast process if you follow best practices like:

  • Proper in-scope expansion
  • Minimizing customizations
  • Using out-of-box implementations with configurations

Even though ServiceNow has great tools to assist you through the upgrade, timing and resource availability may still be a challenge. Fortunately, your friends at Cask have been working with ServiceNow for over 10 years and have more than 500 successful ServiceNow engagements.

Cask is partnering with ServiceNow for a virtual expert-led webinar for you to learn about the new features and important updates in Rome. Let’s put on our learning caps, interact on camera, and discover what your relationship with Cask can do for you!

The first 30 registrants will receive an Uber Eats gift card!

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