IT Harmony: Find Your ITSM Tool Partner

Finding your true love is not easy. For some people it takes over half of a lifetime to do. For others, they may believe they have found their true love, only to spend all of their time and energy constantly trying to change that person. Similarly, many organizations select ITSM tools, only to spend years changing and modifying them until the tool becomes unrecognizable and no longer supports the organization. This leaves them in desperate need of “tool divorce” as they begin running away from their tool rather than thinking strategically and taking the right steps to find the right tool for their organization. With the number of ITSM tool vendors out there, we know finding the right one can be as difficult. Don’t end up in another painful ITSM “tool divorce.” Join Jason as he goes through some important concepts to select the right ITSM partner and key actions to ensure you end up in IT harmony with the right ITSM tool.