Keep Track of Your Assets with Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

Keep Track of Your Assets with Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

As the workplace continues to evolve, keeping track of all your assets can be challenging. From an operational and risk perspective, getting Asset Management right the first time is of exceptional importance.

Hardware accounts for roughly 21% of IT budgets, but the impact of a proper Hardware Asset Management (HAM) protocol is much more than that. Click To Tweet

When various data points are housed in separate silos, this creates a business nightmare. Hardware Asset Management allows you to control the entire life cycle of assets from procurement to disposal in one place. This makes it possible for businesses to maximize the value of their assets.

HAM builds upon the IT Asset Management capabilities of ServiceNow. In addition to this, HAM effectively automates each stage of the asset lifecycle by tracking finances, contracts, and inventory details of hardware and devices, including non-IT assets. HAM records maintenance activity and enables IT to perform regular assessments. This provides more visibility into assets, decreases manual workloads, and aligns departments across an organization through a single repository for information. 

Features of HAM include hardware normalization, asset lifecycle automation, mobile asset inventory audit, hardware asset dashboard. 

Hardware Normalization allows business to standardize asset data. Categorize assets by manufacturer name, model name, and model number for inventory reconciliation. Reliable asset data saves time and money spent looking for parts or other resources in disparate information silos.

Asset Lifecycle Automation tracks tasks and service records to provide up-to-date information on tickets and work orders. This can be configured to meet varying business needs, including hardware asset and disposal management and ordering. 

Mobile Asset Inventory Audit allows employees to view the exact location of hardware via ServiceNow Mobile Agent and Mobile Scanning capabilities.

This allows businesses to validate their records against what actually exists in their stockroom while resolving discrepancies between CMDB and physical audits. Scheduled audits can be deployed with specific timelines, saving costs as inventory is managed more efficiently.

Hardware Asset Dashboard displays lifecycle milestones for varying assets in one location. Assets nearing end of life can be scheduled for removal or upgrade, keeping operations in compliance with security policies and procedures. Click To Tweet

With HAM and the help of a reliable partner like Cask, data integration, normalization, and data reconciliation are easy. Simplified processes that manage hardware with reliable data reduce manual efforts, lowering cost and risk across enterprise. HAM makes day-to-day business run smoother and makes strategic planning possible. 

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