Key ServiceNow CSM Features for Improved Customer Experience

Key ServiceNow CSM Features for Improved Customer Experience

Companies worldwide recognize the importance of customer service and invest substantial resources into its continued improvement. In today’s digital world, customers are omnipresent.  They engage businesses online, in physical store locations, and over the phone.

Organizations sometimes struggle to provide high-quality experiences across all these platforms. However, they can look to address this challenge through innovative ServiceNow CSM features.

What is ServiceNow CSM?

ServiceNow CSM is a technology platform that manages, tracks, and assists in evaluating all customer interactions. Its purpose is to holistically address the customer experience (CX) regardless of the communication channel, transaction type, or specific customer inquiry.

CSM focuses primarily on automating everyday tasks, connecting departments and workflows, and proactively resolving customer requests.

ServiceNow CSM Features Modernizing the Customer Experience

Consumer needs are dynamic, and businesses need real-time connectivity and engagement to keep up with demand and enhance customer experiences. Features that help meet those include the following:

Providing Omnichannel Support

ServiceNow CSM drives innovative customer service solutions by automating service requests and integrating them into resolution processes across numerous communication channels, including chatbots, mobile apps, and voice assistants. This strategy allows customers to choose a preferred communication method when resolving issues.

Decreasing Routing and Resolution Time

Suppose a customer request necessitates information from multiple departments. In that case, the ServiceNow CSM will initiate an inter-departmental inquiry, identify the problem’s root cause, and craft a solution.

By disseminating the request to various sources simultaneously, customer service departments avoid daisy-chaining the issue from one contact point to the next. Instead, CSM eliminates the barriers between departments by directing the matter to the relevant expert for a quicker resolution.

Tailoring Request Solutions

Every customer is different, and with those differences come varying requests, experiences, and preferred communication channels.

ServiceNow CSM provides tailored solutions to address each case by providing self-service choices and automating resolutions via digital portals or virtual agents.

Identifying Customer Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI) augments ServiceNow CSM with predictive intelligence dashboards that analyze customer behavior and reactions to specific products and services.  This analysis provides a clearer picture of current service trends and consumer likes and dislikes. That data, in turn, helps businesses anticipate customer requests and provide automated solutions to common issues.

Offering Better Relationships

The ServiceNow CSM platform enlists help from multiple business groups, managing partners, and even customers to provide real-time solutions with enhanced visibility and accountability across departments. This front-to-back process produces thoroughly investigated and effective client solutions.

ServiceNow CSM Strategies

More than ever, customer support teams rely on IT to streamline and automate responses to customer inquiries and offer more innovative personalized services. The following are strategies that help deliver that innovation:

Look Beyond the Quantitative

Many companies use statistics such as average hold time and resolution time to gauge customer service success. While these metrics are valuable, they are “efficiency” indicators and only demonstrate wins and losses from a quantitative standpoint. In other words, they do not reveal the quality of the customer engagement experience.

A positive conversion metric is only half the picture. A truly successful experience requires both an effective resolution and a customer who is satisfied with their journey. Businesses might benefit from alternative, qualitative ServiceNow metrics like an emotional intelligence scale. These measures assess a customer service representative’s ability to foster a positive customer relationship.

Prioritize Projects

While ServiceNow CSM enables companies to automate and streamline operations more effectively, fully leveraging its capabilities requires a solid understanding of how and when to build certain elements.

Prioritization can be tricky, but an implementation roadmap can help businesses align conflicting priorities around the big picture. Team members will have a better understanding of which projects require immediate attention and which to postpone.

Collect Service Units on the CSM Platform

Businesses should look to bring as many service units onto the CSM platform as possible, such as engineering, IT, operations, and finance. The knowledge and information contained therein can be valuable to customers and enhance their experience.

However, in many organizations, the opportunities for customers to connect with these departments are sporadic at best. Businesses then rely on their customer service representatives to figure out how to establish the essential connections on their own.

To address that challenge, ServiceNow CSM helps build an interconnected, customer-focused ecosystem in which all departments collaborate to handle customer issues systematically.

Explore How ServiceNow CSM Can Boost Customer Satisfaction

Providing top-notch customer service is hard – especially when dealing with multiple inquiries along various engagement channels. The inefficient handling of those inquiries can lead to higher operational costs and lackluster customer satisfaction.

However, ServiceNow CSM features can improve ticket management and boost customer service delivery. It enhances the capabilities of conventional systems and allows companies to be proactive in their end-to-end customer service strategies.

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