Largest Global Entertainment Company


The largest global entertainment company had a major initiative to consolidate their existing Service Catalogs. The organization had been using 3 different legacy tools for their 3 different ServiceCatalogs in use. The company was seeking our expertise to help in consolidating their services and requestable items into one Service Catalog on ServiceNow. In addition, the company was seeking processes and guidelines for adding new services to their catalog in the future.

Cask Action

The Cask team collaborated with members of the company’s leadership to analyze their current state. Through the analysis, they were able to find they had 4,000 different services listed over the 3 catalogs. Cask engineered and re-engineered 80 different request processes, and built a generic template to collect information for over a 1000 different request items. The Cask team built a structure around their Service Families service and request items for this organization.


Within a 12 week span the Cask team was able to successfully consolidate the company’s legacy Service Catalogs into one Service Catalog using ServiceNow. Cask was able to decrease the amount of listed services by 70%. Cask put together a governance process for adding new services and requests to catalog in the future. The company was able to complete their Service Catalog requirements and process with Cask’s guidance before they went live with ServiceNow.