Managing DOD Employee Experience – Local: Awards, Promotions, & Life Cycle Events

Managing DOD Employee Experience – Local: Awards, Promotions, & Life Cycle Events

To acknowledge and reward employees for their contributions and achievements, enterprise HR systems leave much to be desired when it comes to process and workflow. This can lead to confusion and lack of visibility for employees when it comes to their career continuum and roadmap to achievement and success.

Government can gain visibility into employee awards, promotions, and life cycle events with ServiceNow’s single pane of glass view of the employee experience.

In order to enrich, reward, and nurture employees, a flexible workflow with dynamic read/write capabilities is key. This provides a clear view of the next career advancement milestone for employees, and a dynamic system of engagement for local commanders.

A shared, single point of engagement using ServiceNow integrates and leverages enterprise systems. Specific to DoD and government, Cask’s process design reflects unique lifecycle events, awards, and promotions that are localized to command, location, special duty assignments for the warfighter, civilian employees, and contractors. Additionally, a configurable end-to-end workflow accommodates TDY, multi-branch joint duty assignments, civilian employees and contractors.

This solution is integrated into each military branch’s system of record and is flexible enough to allow for local award acknowledgement with workflow to accommodate standard process. Click To Tweet

Engaged employees can more easily exercise self-improvement, increasing their mission effectiveness over the length of their service career. A single view into career milestones will increase employee engagement across the agency. The ability to offer localized awards will lead to higher employee effort and enrichment at the ground level.

Let Cask show you how to leverage enterprise systems to build a consumerized employee experience that rewards good work, and improves employee engagement.

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