Managing DOD Employee Experiences – Local: In/Out Processing & Transitions

Managing DOD Employee Experiences – Local: In/Out Processing & Transitions

A lack of end-to-end process visibility and accountability, coupled with limited automated workflows leads to confusion in many industries. For DoD employees, a lack of workflow and process guidance frustrates and delays in-processing, transitions, and out-processing.

What the DoD needs is new employee and hiring manager ownership of processes that stretch across multiple levels of an organization(s).

Built on the ServiceNow framework, a consumerized, shared, single point of engagement integrates and leverages enterprise HR, Pay, and Manpower systems for in/out processing and transitions. The system is uniquely configured to reflect the workflow and process at the local command/site with end-to-end task management and accountability to reduce the effort to onboard and transition.

Additionally, the system is integrated into the HR system of record for accuracy and real-time processing. The front-facing design provides a familiar employee experience, while the back end is configured to accommodate local requirements and idiosyncrasies of the DoD environment. Additional configuration can be used for non-standard local processes.

With this solution, accountability, reporting, and dashboards are housed in one central and secure location to limit confusion and increase ownership of these processes and procedures. Click To Tweet

New employees do not arrive on day one with a days/weeks/months process of driving the completion of tasks through unknown processes so that they can contribute to the mission. With the right systems in place, and a partner who understands the unique needs of the industry, command leadership can integrate and leverage enterprise systems of record, adopting a unique workflow that meets the end-to-end requirements of the command, location, or special duty assignment.

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