Measure Your Platform Governance Maturity

Measure Your Platform Governance Maturity

The previous blog of this series titled “Platform Governance: Unlocking the Door to Successful Transformation” discussed the importance of Platform Governance and how to unlock the door to successful transformation. Today, we are covering the various dimensions that make up Platform Governance and what that means to your organization.

At the end of this blog, you’ll find an invitation to learn exactly where your organization ranks on the scale of governance maturity.

Cask’s 7 Dimensions of Platform Governance are as follows:

1. Business Alignment & Governance: Business alignment is necessary to ensure the needs of the business across the enterprise are aligned with the strategy and platform capabilities to achieve maximum value. 

2. Platform Management: The ability to manage the demand of the platform holistically, based on business priority, is critical to increase impact across your organization.

3. Data Governance: Formal data governance is necessary to ensure that data driven capabilities and the associated value can be realized. The NOW platform relies on data stored in the CMDB and other areas to enable automation and support digital strategies.

4. Platform Architecture & Standards: Architectural oversight and platform standards are necessary to maintain the integrity of the underlying platform technology.

5. Organization: Clearly defined roles and responsibilities are necessary to effectively manage and govern the platform. This includes organizational accountabilities and responsibilities that fall outside the core platform management organization.

6. Business Value: It’s important to define and realize the value proposition of the platform. High performing enterprises actively promote platform value and have defined tangible and intangible results.

7. Vision and Strategy: Creating a capability roadmap to plan and drive outcomes based on short and long term needs are fundamental to successful implementation.

Cask’s Maturity Model

Cask has developed a Maturity Model, based on a scale of 1 – 5. An overview and description of each stage is outlined below.

Select on the quiz below to determine your Platform Governance maturity across the 7 Dimensions as described above. A high level overview of the Maturity is score is outlined below.

Stage 1: Initial
This is the lowest level of maturity with scores between 1.0 – 1.9 where your organization has largely ad hoc processes and methodologies.

Stage 2: Developing
This is the second lowest level of maturity with scores between 2.0 – 2.9 where your organization likely has informal processes, typically inwardly focused on IT, however has developed baseline capabilities to manage and govern the platform.

Stage 3: Defined
This is the second highest level of maturity with scores between 3.0 – 3.9 where your organization has already enabled more formal processes and governance capabilities and is typically collaborating with various parts of the business.

Stage 4: Managed
This is the highest level of maturity with scores between 4.0 – 4.9 where your organization is well managed, has formal processes and governance that includes business capabilities.

Take the Platform Governance Survey

How mature is your Platform Governance? Understand where you are and where you need to focus to create formal processes and governance that ties your business needs across the organization with the platform so you can achieve your desired results now and proactively anticipate your needs in the future. Our ServiceNow Platform Governance Survey is intended to help organizations get on the right path to increase the value of the NOW platform.

This survey contains 12 questions that should take you less than 5 minutes to complete. As an outcome, you will receive your Maturity Rating and a brief description of what that means. In addition, you will receive an email with a link to the “7 Dimensions of Platform Governance” and an Executive Summary based on the aggregate score of the hundreds of companies that are participating in this survey.

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