In 2020, as rollouts of the Coronavirus vaccine were underway across the globe, the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) was busy scheduling and managing their own vaccine rollout for patients thanks to a large volunteer workforce. Comprised of a combination of employees, staffing agencies and volunteer members from the community to support the University’s vaccination sites.

MUSC sought to develop a way to manage various members of this workforce, to distinguish between volunteers that were able to administer vaccines, those that could aid in IT development, and those who were able to register patients. Prior to working with Cask, MUSC was using a survey tool to manage their volunteer workforce. Organizers exerted significant manual efforts to communicate with volunteers to ensure adequate staffing and availability.

Through the medical center’s partnership with Cask, organizers were able to develop a self-service portal where employees, agency staff, and community members could sign up for shifts at vaccination sites based on need and relevant skills. The custom solution Cask provided allowed volunteers to sign up for various roles based on their skillsets, view their volunteer schedule and opt-in to reminder notifications for site instructions.

With a state contract for vaccine management in place, MUSC anticipated a large influx of volunteers from all over the state to assist these efforts. Their current system needed an upgrade; and fast.

Cask began by building a custom application, augmenting the functionality of ServiceNow’s vaccine administration management (VAM) offering. Leveraging the capabilities of CSM for external volunteer access, the solution would create a self-service portal where employees, volunteers, and contractors could register and sign up for shifts.

Cask was able to anticipate MUSC’s needs, cutting down on time that would have been spent workshopping and working through a bunch of smaller decisions about how the solution would function.

MUSC needed to be able to stand up this solution at pop up sites, and accommodate large volumes of volunteers quickly, their current solution wasn’t functioning, and they were completely overwhelmed.”

Cory Parker, Consulting Manager, Cask

“Cask was ahead of ServiceNow in terms of their roadmap for vaccine management,” Parker said. “So, we came in and filled a gap that’s sorely needed around vaccine management support. With MUSC, not only were we able to anticipate the needs of the market, but by anticipating the needs of the client, we could get them where they were going faster.”

Cask’s ongoing work with MUSC has helped the medical center use the custom solution as a long-term solution for volunteer management, leaning into other features as they scale up the program.

“This system is so effortless and exactly what we needed when we needed it,” MUSC said. “We could not be happier.”

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