National Bank Holdings Company


This National Banks Holdings Company wanted to install a knowledge base and modernize its systems and processes through digital transformation using the ServiceNow platform. Initially, the bank could not find a window of opportunity to take advantage of ServiceNow capabilities, because prior commitments to its old platform provider prevented it from switching.


Cask completely modernized the systems of this National Banks Holdings Company through a gradual, phased process of digital transformation by first introducing then converting to the ServiceNow platform.


The company struggled with knowledge management, so Cask started by installing a Knowledge Base, one of the functionalities of ServiceNow. In addition, Cask installed a Service Catalog that employees could tap into for answers to begin their self-service journey, learning about health benefits, paid time off, and so on. Once this capability was established, the company was ready to add new functions on a quarterly basis, allowing for time to train and prepare for each new phase of transformation along the way.


Cask addressed the request for a knowledge base by explaining how to properly apply and integrate ServiceNow tools. After taking the time to understand the company and employee culture and carefully refine this National Banks Holdings Company’s processes, Cask was able to spread out the cost of the platform investment and maximize return. The gradual roll-out, along with sufficient training ensured that the company’s teams were ready to make full use of ServiceNow as soon as each new instance was activated.