North Carolina State University (NCSU) is a public research university in Raleigh, NC, and is the largest university in the Carolinas. In early March 2021, the university was notified that they would be receiving COVID-19 vaccines, to be distributed to their staff and students. 

To manage appointment sign-ups, distribution, and communication about the vaccination program, NCSU reached out to Cask to develop a vaccination management solution to be ready as soon as the first shipment of medication arrived.

Cask was selected because of our quick start program to get vaccination management developed quickly – usually in less than two weeks. 

Working diligently, Cask was able to stand up NCSU’s vaccination management program – managing administration of the first dose, scheduling the second dose and tracking inventory – ahead of schedule. From start to finish, the total implementation time took about a week. In the first week of going live, the vaccine management portal served 6,000 people with signups to receive their first dose of the vaccine.

Before working with NCSU, Cask presented the college with a pre-vaccine questionnaire, and then got down to business, delivering a one-week implementation. 

“We did a half morning workshop, and then we did story review at day one,” Cory Parker, ITIL. Consulting Manager at Cask said. “Day two and three were just standup. We did a standup of a fresh ServiceNow instance and the configuration of vaccination management. We did UAT and training on Thursday and then we went live Friday.”

The Cask ‘secret sauce’ is a combination of a thorough understanding of the technology and experience with specific industries, which enables us to understand our client’s challenges and get ahead of them.

Speed of implementation and understanding of [client] needs are the two pillars that really help make these programs successful. Understanding where our clients are and where they want to go to help us implement faster and more successfully than out competitors.”

Cory Parker, Consulting Manager, Cask

A quarter of NCSU’s body (students, employees, and affiliates) was registered for their first does of the vaccine in the first week of go-live. Today, the college can use the workflows in Vaccine Administration Management to provide self-service capabilities and manage appointments, delivering a seamless user experience for vaccine management.

Cask added and developed an inventory management solution for NCSU as well, which will help keep track of supply as more people sign up to receive their vaccine. 

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