Presto! Document Management Made Efficient with Just 1 Implementation

Presto! Document Management Made Efficient with Just 1 Implementation

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Physical paperwork is getting phased out

But that shouldn’t faze HR professionals.

Human Resources departments are more vital then ever, as Fortune 2000 enterprise companies embark on immersive digital transformation, staffing becomes more fluid, and artificial intelligence promises to change the way everyone works.

The Speed of Transformation

Unfortunately, transformation often moves at a glacial pace where it’s needed most urgently. Like HR.

HR departments handle myriad time-sensitive responsibilities, not least of which is employee document management.

As important as document management is, the manual methods used are extremely inefficient. It’s a time-consuming process to update, distribute, collect, correct, store, and access vital employee documentation completely by hand.

Outdated “systems” that use paper and Excel spreadsheets are a major security risk. They also make it impossible to set up a workflow with sharing, version control, permissions, and other features that are necessary when it comes to protecting private information and maintaining compliance.

That’s not to mention the email and notification overwhelm that’s resulted from the proliferation of apps and programs that do little more than “Band-Aid” the challenges that come with HR document management.

Juggling Too Many Interests

Before they came to us, some Cask clients were using as many as 11 HRIS tools and receiving 30 email notifications from them on a daily basis!

HR is tasked with protecting the company from risk, inspiring employee morale, and keeping up with a company-wide digital transformation strategy. Meanwhile, workers must force disparate systems to play nice, close the loop on hundreds of employee documents, and put out fires caused by outdated, inefficient systems.

How can any HR team manage so many competing interests?

No, that’s not a rhetorical question. We wouldn’t pose that kind of question without actually having a solution!

At Cask, we’re not here to just tell you what’s wrong (although that’s important to know). We also provide solutions and implement them. We actually help enterprise organizations execute transformation by applying our deep ServiceNow experience and know-how.

In fact, it just so happens we can help you implement an Employee Document Management solution that can handle all your organizational and documentation challenges: the 2018 ServiceNow release, London.

What’s New in London for HR Service Delivery

The ServiceNow London release for HR Service Delivery promises to make it easier for employees to receive personalized service, while improving HR productivity and efficiency.

One of the most requested ServiceNow capabilities, the Employee Document Management application features:

  • Easy-to-set document-retention rules based on corporate and legal regulations
  • Permission settings that let you control who can view sensitive information
  • Metadata tagging to quickly call up precise documents as needed
  • Reminders to purge documents to keep your workflow lean and organized
  • Extensive digital-filing capabilities
  • Ample storage for digital documents

Your Job as an HR Pro

Human Resources professionals are expected to protect the company from risks and enhance the employee experience. It’s a tall order. But manual processes could be dragging you down and jeopardizing your future as well as that of your company.

If you ever find that the only way you can keep up is by cutting corners, you’ll know your systems are no longer working.

But when it’s time for a change, you’ll know where to turn. Talk to the HR and IT professionals at Cask about ServiceNow implementation. We’ll help free you from the burden of all those repetitive tasks used to handle employee document management.

You’re One Implementation Away

With ServiceNow, Employee Document Management is efficient, secure, and compliant.

HR professionals can now fully control the document lifecycle inside ServiceNow. You can share, publish, and otherwise use a document through its lifetime, while minimizing the number of tools and steps needed to accomplish these tasks, such as onboarding, off-boarding, and other processes. No need for multiple programs (much less 11).

By letting HR professionals manage documents end-to-end, you can reduce the time it takes for employees, prospects, contractors, and other contingent laborers to get onboarded, up to speed, and productive—all while effectively controlling and safeguarding those documents.

The Next Phase of HR Delivery

The new ServiceNow HR Service Delivery platform empowers HR to develop defined, repeatable processes that give employees more autonomy, which also leads to better completion rates, and less time on remediation.

According to Cask Solutions Architect and Principal Consultant, Steve Taylor, the robust document management feature of the latest ServiceNow release has tapped into the next natural phase of the HR service lifecycle.

“I’ve been watching the HR tool evolve since its original inception as a non-scoped app in Dublin,” Taylor said. “Since that time, the improvements and feature sets of this app… have seen more improvements than almost any other product offering on the platform.”

At Cask, we believe that your ServiceNow platform is a long-term strategic investment in your future that will ensure you continue advancing HR service management and workplace experiences into the digital age. It’s another reason we offer everything from end-to-end implementation to consultation services.

Your Next Step Starts Here

Find out whether ServiceNow will work for your unique business needs. Contact our team to get the same level of expertise as the “big guys” with the quality of results that only the artisan engineers at Cask can provide.

At Cask, we know how to streamline business.

We understand that the world moves fast, but information moves faster. You need data in a hurry, and company-wide automation is the answer. If your business can’t keep pace, we can guide you through a strategic transformation to optimize your operational efficiency.

That’s why we are proud to partner with ServiceNow to provide the solutions to move from manual tasks and paper deliverables to digital applications for managing your business.