Q&A: What Are The Benefits of a ServiceNow Workday Integration?

Q&A: What Are The Benefits of a ServiceNow Workday Integration?

A unidirectional integration of HR Profile data from Workday into the ServiceNow HRSD gives the human resources manager the ability to see relevant information about an employee. A ServiceNow Workday integration allows the manager to do this without having to swivel-chair into the HR system to look the employee up, saving time and allowing the HR manager to provide a more personalized service.

In addition, housing certain HR data within ServiceNow provides for a tailored, self-service experience for employees by creating conditional views using HR criteria. This means that users will only see information and take action that is relevant to them based on who they are, where they live, and their role in the organization. For example, when using the same calendar widget, an employee in France will only see the France Holiday Calendar, while the employee in the US will only see the US Holiday Calendar. Or, a manager and employee could be looking at the exact same knowledge article about the PTO policy, but will see different content based on personal relevance.

The HR department’s data stays locked down and secure in HRSD since it is a scoped application on the Now platform, meaning that IT users on a different module, ITSM for example, would not have the ability to see HR data in the HRSD module unless given the proper permissions.

Using a deep-linked integration with Workday in the Employee Center gives employees a single centralized location to access important applications that they need to engage with.

Depending on how the customer has constructed their Workday interface, there are various benefits to integrating it with ServiceNow as a single point of engagement for employees and all their HR needs. Even if some of the HR specific activities are technically performed or updated in Workday, the integration provides the opportunity to administer a seamless, elegant experience for the employee from any location.

Integration Roadblocks and Challenges

Growing into an enterprise level organization comes with many benefits and challenges, one of which being managing the growing list of software, platforms, and systems that you utilize to help maintain business functions. HR having to swivel-chair into their Workday application to look up information about an employee before they can provide meaningful service on the ServiceNow platform is one example of these challenges. A transparent solution to this problem is effectively and properly integrating those platforms, more specifically, executing a ServiceNow Workday integration.

Organizations often have difficulty integrating complex cross-functional processes across multiple point solutions in a seamless way for both end users and administrative users. Click To Tweet

Not having platform expertise or design expertise for a successful ServiceNow Workday Integration can lead to an inefficient workflow or poor user experience. Say you’re planning the Workday and ServiceNow roadmap and you need guidance on how to achieve the best integrated design with both systems, where do you find the solution? With a trusted ServiceNow partner like Cask, the organization can develop a solution that fits the needs and goal of the organization.

Another challenge with managing multiple platforms is that you don’t want your employees to have multiple point solutions to engage with or your IT team trying to manage the multiple applications. That’s why it is beneficial to secure ServiceNow Workday integration in a proper and efficient way and reduce the different system touchpoints.

The primary roadblocks and challenges of integration are not so much technical as they are architectural. Workday has some functionality that is comparable to ServiceNow in the context of HR processes; so, there will naturally be discussion around which application to use for which features and how far to take the integration.

ServiceNow Workday integration is truly about where you want to drive your user experience. Some HR managers may have strong feelings about driving users to the Workday interface, but other HR managers, who have more of an enterprise mindset, may choose to leverage ServiceNow as a single point of engagement and personalized experience across the organization for all business services.

Customers should have the right stakeholders who understand and can represent business processes, enterprise architecture, and application owners involved to discuss the strategy for user engagement and the enterprise application roadmap.

Choosing a ServiceNow Workday Integration Partner

Cask has the expertise and artisans skilled with all things ServiceNow, enterprise architecture, and the HR domain to bring a balanced perspective to the integration. This expertise factors in the user experience as well sustainable technical architecture to deliver a reimagined way of working and engaging with HR.

Our team is intent on listening and understanding the unique needs based on the business’ culture, brand, technical landscape, and digital transformation journey.

Cask specializes in delivering a solution that addresses the company’s priorities, rather than using a cookie cutter, off the shelf approach that ultimately may not meet the business’ needs. ServiceNow Workday integration needs to be tailored to the business and Cask is the one to do just that.

Cask has the agility and innovative mindset necessary to adapt and respond quickly to customer challenges with industry leading solutions. Our award winning UX/UI design team has been successful in helping many customers realize the “art of the possible” by delivering transformational user experiences never thought possible on the ServiceNow platform.

A ServiceNow Elite Partner’s Solution

Cask’s solution conducts a thorough assessment of your current state and architecture analysis with the customer to guide them towards a well defined strategy/roadmap for business process, user engagement, and ServiceNow Workday integration. We leverage plug-n-play HR profile integration with ServiceNow using the Workday Spoke from IntegrationHub. This minimizes necessary HR information available to HR agents in order to provide a more personalized service.

ServiceNow Workday integration can also be used to tailor the digital experience for employees by showing employees information relevant only to them based on their HR profile (job, location, department, etc.). Using AI and machine learning, it can then suggest knowledge or services that the employee might need.

Depending on the customer’s business process requirements, Cask will map out processes and the functional and technical requirements between the two systems, leveraging spoked or tailored integrations for Workday. Out of the box examples include:

  • HR Profile Integration
  • Task List Integration
  • Total Rewards (Benefits & Compensation) Info Cards
  • Time Off Requests and Reporting
  • Legal Name Change through Virtual Agent
  • Report a Workday Payslip Discrepancy
  • Holiday Calendars & Schedule

Cask will conduct a UX/UI design vision workshop and develop a prototype to illustrate the “art of the possible ” using our award winning design team. We will then deliver the requirements with our skilled functional and technical delivery teams, ensuring business value is measured and realized.

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Results of ServiceNow Workday Integration

Technical and operational leaders will have a clear vision and strategy for application architecture and user engagement/experience across the enterprise. Having well designed processes for the ServiceNow Workday integration work seamlessly for users on both sides of the screen, will result in higher employee satisfaction and productivity through intelligent process automation and case deflection.

An effective integration will yield higher user adoption and satisfaction with HR services and simplify complex moments in an employee lifecycle. Consolidate HR profile data from Workday into ServiceNow for a more streamlined and personalized experience for both employees and HR agents. The approach for end user engagement and experience across the enterprise, including those complex cross-functional moments that matter, should be a strategic decision. Avoid tunnel-vision solutions for HR specific processes and choose a solution that is proactive and effective by involving the right stakeholders to gain alignment.

Partner with Cask’s ServiceNow & HR tech expertise and award winning UX/UI design team to guide your decisions about design architecture and deliver workflow automation that makes HR Service delivery easier for employees.

At Cask, we know how to streamline business.

We understand that the world moves fast, but information moves faster. You need data in a hurry, and company-wide automation is the answer. If your business can’t keep pace, we can guide you through a strategic transformation to optimize your operational efficiency.

That’s why we are proud to partner with ServiceNow to provide the solutions to move from manual tasks and paper deliverables to digital applications for managing your business.