ServiceNow DevOps Explained: Your Comprehensive Guide

ServiceNow DevOps Explained: Your Comprehensive Guide

The IT industry is full of buzzwords like “Distributed Cloud,” “Artificial Intelligence,” and “DevOps,” but what do these terms actually mean? ServiceNow’s Development and Operations, also known as ServiceNow DevOps, explained is a value chain that focuses on fast and efficient IT service delivery by adopting best practices from Lean Six Sigma, SAFe, etc., against your Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) release train.

Software development teams are now working in more systems than ever to plan, code, build, and test their code. When different teams are working on the same project, they may intentionally or unintentionally silo metric data that can drive improvements, delaying the process further. Collaboration suffers because operations does not understand why development takes so long, while development feels frustrated by operations holding up their deployments.

ServiceNow DevOps: KPIs on a Single Pane of Glass

To alleviate these pain points, ServiceNow offers a platform that brings in all the data from these disparate systems and presents Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a single pane of glass. With ServiceNow, trending and reporting of commonly used DevOps KPIs is easily accessible and actionable to all stakeholders in your organization.

ServiceNow brings all the data elements from development to a centralized trending and reporting pane of glass and connects directly to operations by integrating with your development toolkit APIs. Once the code has been bundled for deployment, ServiceNow will pick up the Operations stages of Deploy (Change), Operate (Incident), Monitor (Performance Analytics), and restart the SDLC with new stories to Plan (Agile Development) for development.

7 Principles of the Road to DevOps Success

Whenever you begin a new journey it’s important to use a compass to know where you are going. The seven guiding principles will keep you on the road to success. With ServiceNow DevOps explained, you are ready to begin your DevOps journey.

  1. Focus on value. Everything that the organization does needs to deliver value for the stakeholders, either directly or indirectly.
  2. Start where you are. Consider what is already available before throwing everything out and starting over.
  3. Progress iteratively with feedback. Organize your roadmap into small and manageable improvements that can be executed and reviewed in a timely manner.
  4. Collaborate and promote visibility. Transparency and communication are imperative to the success of your DevOps journey. Develop a culture of trust and a continual learning mindset to keep stakeholders up to date.
  5. Think and work holistically. Remember that no service, product, practice, policy, process, or procedure operates in a vacuum; they are intertwined to create value.
  6. Keep it simple and practical. Consider what value to stakeholders we can deliver.
  7. Optimize and automate. Optimizing or automating your repetitive value-added tasks in DevOps breeds success.

Get Started on Your DevOps Journey

No matter where you are on your DevOps journey, our industry leaders deliver a wealth of experience and expertise to help guide you toward the next stop.

Request a quote today for help implementing and understanding ServiceNow DevOps. Cask has experience across several SDLC and IT Service Management (ITSM) frameworks.


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