December 3, 2020
ServiceNow Event Management: Find the Problem Needle in the Infrastructure Haystack

Do you have numerous monitoring tools employed in your environment without an overarching strategy for consolidation?

With each monitoring tool often owned by a different team and generating thousands of events each day, there is no way to effectively manage and tie each alert to the business application that is impacted. This model leaves organizations unable to collect and evaluate these events in real-time, and these missed critical events can result in potentially major business disruptions.

With ServiceNow Event Management, you can expect:

  • Less time spent triaging outages
  • Visibility to alerts generated from a variety of sources
  • Fewer calls from the business about applications being down
  • Reduction in noise from your monitoring systems
  • Automation of low priority events

Our experts are going live to provide their real-world expertise in Event Management and IT Operations Management to help your organization be more proactive instead of reactive to events within your critical infrastructure.

Dive deeper into ServiceNow Event Management with us and allow your teams to focus on the events that matter.

2020/12/03 10:00:00

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